KERRIGAN – Bloodmoon (2023)

KERRIGAN - Bloodmoon (2023) - full

The New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal (NWOTHM) movement is one of the best things that has happened to metal in history. Young bands not only emulating the sound of metal when it was in its heyday but also employing the sound techniques of the ’80s. From the analog recording process to the atmosphere created by the music itself.
Not all bands pull it off in a way that seems authentic but some bands can; and one in particular is Germany’s KERRIGAN. Formed in 2020 their back catalog is just a demo, which anyway attracted High Roller Records to sign them immediately.
They are about to release their debut full length, ”Bloodmoon”, a pure old-school metal / hard rock album capturing the magic (and sound) from the glorious ’80s. Oh yeah, the way that sname sounds, the guitar riffs amps, the vocals… this is pure Eighties trad metal.
The album has a persistent stomp to it, mostly sitting at a mid-paced level and an overall bright feel.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – Eternal Fire
02 – Bloodmoon
03 – Against the Westwind
04 – Forces of Night
05 – Hold the Banner
06 – Child of Sin
07 – Pull the Trigger
08 – Mesmerizer

Jonas W. (vocals, guitars)
Bruno S. (guitars, bass)

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