WINTERSTORM – Everfrost (2023)

WINTERSTORM - Everfrost (2023) - full

After twelve years of band history, it was time to take the power metal outfit WINTERSTORM to a new level. The band‘s fifth studio album, entitled ”Everfrost”, will be their first offering since 2016 and their debut on AFM Records. Winter stands for nordic viking and folk metal, Storm for fast-paced power metal, all combined with epic and orchestral metal facets.
It’s the melodic grandeur that clearly marks the foreground of Winterstorm, reflected in heavily catchy choruses and huge polyphonic vocals. Striking elements of different metal styles merge with each other and get a completely new impression that Winterstorm’s forthcoming record may be their most versatile and powerful album to date.
There are some excellent guitar riffs on ”Everfrost”, the drumming is strong, and the bass lines are thick and heavy. The atmospheric keyboard parts and the big backing vocals help to create a joyful mood that works well with the band’s inventive Power Metal sound.
As example, “To the End of All Known” is a terrific song with a lot of melody and it’s very moody. It goes back and forward from being a fast-paced rocker to a symphonic, orchestrated piece.


01. Origin
02. To The End Of All Known
03. The Phoenix Died (Remember)
04. Circle Of Greed
05. Future Times
06. Everfrost
07. Final Journey
08. Fate Of The Atlanteans
09. Crusade
10. Overcome The Fear
11. Silence

Alexander Schirmer – lead vocals
Jochen Windisch – guitars
Michael Liewald – guitars
Peter Cerveny – bass guitar
Jonas Hack – drums


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