ACE MONROE – Ace Monroe (2023)

ACE MONROE - Ace Monroe (2023) - full

Rock ‘n’ roll isn’t dead, that’s for sure. Based out of Nashville, Tennessee, ACE MONROE sure proves that. With one song sounding as soulful as The Black Crowes and then the other being a gritty blues-rock rager similar to that of Tesla, the group’s sound is a melting pot of many influences and styles that have been picked from multiple decades over time.
Formed by young dudes in their twenties, ACE MONROE already surprised last year with their debut album Shelter In Place, and now the band is releasing their sophomore effort, the self-titled “Ace Monroe“, with even more swagger and hot licks.
To understand the group’s sound, you’d have to know who inspired them. From a songwriting standpoint, vocalist Robbie Dylan and lead guitarist Josh Alfano learned a lot from Aerosmith and The Rolling Stones, who they say span so many different styles and melodies all while maintaining their own unique identity. Other musicians And bands named include greats such as Tom Scholz of Boston, Paul McCartney and of course, Led Zeppelin.

With everyone in Ace Monroe involved in the process when it’s said and done, Alfano and Dylan are the primary songwriters in the group. Typically, Alfano will have a riff in mind which he works on with drummer Jonathan Tatoules until they get an idea of how the song will go.
After that, Dylan steps in and begins to work on the melodies and lyrics. Every member then puts their own licks in to make it a true Ace Monroe tune.

Like many other young, up-and-coming rock bands, these guys have a soulful sound all while maintaining a raw and gritty edge. The melodies and groove are so tight with this group that is amazing the guys in ACE MONROE are so young and mature.
This new album showcases the band’s unlimited potential of becoming one of the most acclaimed classic rock bands in the US. They sound great, and shows that their live performances will be a hundred percent effort.
Highly Recommended


01 – Lightning
02 – Summer Heat
03 – Don’t Mind
04 – Come On, Come On
05 – Workin’ Like a Dog
06 – The Hangman
07 – Bad News
08 – Letters

Robbie Dylan – lead vocals
Josh Alfano – lead and rhythm guitar
Jack Kaiser – rhythm guitar
Erik McIntyre – bass
Jonathan Tatoules – drums



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