KARMAN LINE – Like A Machine (2023)

KARMAN LINE - Like A Machine (2023) - full

KARMAN LINE are a multinational rock n’ roll powerhouse quintet formed in 2020 during the Covid pandemic and therefore unable to take first steps as a live band.
Instead, they knuckled down and honed their sound; a tight, swaggering hit of bluesy hard rock with a certain ’90s bent, a slightly funky edge, and the classic chops from classic rock heavyweights such as Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and Thin Lizzy, through to modern genre-based counterparts like Rival Sons & Co. in its DNA.
KARMAN LINE have amassed some strong material for their debut album “Like A Machine“, an amalgamation of these influences and more. Possessing a sound that wholeheartedly radiates soul, groove, vigor, and solid energetic riffery, KARMAN LINE are now ready to unleash their alluring first album to the world.

KARMAN LINE’s music comprises a range of influences, both musical and cultural. Singer Greg Brown is from UK, one guitarist is from France and the other from Egypt, drummer Danny is from the UK and bassist Petar from Serbia. I like to think that with everybody coming from different places all have a different background and different cultural influences, and more so than the music.

As a whole, “Like A Machine” is guitar driven hard rock with with ‘classic rock’ background and an overall ‘American’ sound attack. A strong ’70s bluesy foundation too, all wrapped by a modern production.
There’s a lot of groove on tracks like ‘King of the Day’, ‘Colourblind’, and ‘Rubicon’, some room heavy funky blues on ‘Loose on the Weekend’ and the track named after themselves ‘Karman Line’, and a melodic midpaced shuffle to ‘Something in the Water’.

An interesting new band with a polished, detailed production on “Like A Machine”, mastered by award-winning engineer Andy ‘Hippy’ Baldwin who has worked with the likes of The Who and Blur. Drawing inspiration from the greats but with modern sound and delivery.
Highly Recommended


01 – Bridges of Neptune
02 – King of the Day
03 – B.I.O.T.B.
04 – Karman Line
05 – Colourblind
06 – Loose on the Weekend
07 – Something in the Water
08 – Seven
09 – Rubicon
10 – Revelations

Greg Brown – Vocals
Tristan Surina – Guitar
Frank Bassiouni – Guitar
Petar Milošević – Bass
Danny Langston – Drums



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