ALIEN – Alien 25th Anniversary Edition [2CD Scandinavian + USA mixes remastered] *HQ* out of print

ALIEN - Alien 25th Anniversary Edition [2CD] remastered) mp3, download

After so many years claiming for official reissues, the essential ALIEN self-titled debut – for many into the Top-10 AOR albums of all time – was freshly remastered and released by EMI Music Sweden / Warner to celebrate its 25th Anniversary.
This majestic, 2-CD deluxe edition of ALIEN’s self-titled first album – the superb Swedish AOR / Melodic Rock act fronted by Jim Jidhed – includes the original Scandinavian 1988 edition (remastered) plus 2 bonus tracks, an a second disc with the album in its remixed version for the American market released 1989, also remastered.
Alien 25th Anniversary Edition [Scandinavian + USA mixes remastered 2CD]” was a limited edition which turned out of print in a blink of an eye. Now used copies are being sold for over 150 Euros.
Even though this Alien first album is 3+ decades old now, it has lost nothing of its magic. This is a seminal recording regarded by fans and critics as one of the finest European AOR releases of all time.

ALIEN - Alien 25th Anniversary Edition [Scandinavian + USA versions remastered] booklet

Packed with outstanding melodic songs plenty of Scandi charm conducted by the extraordinary guitar work from Tony Borg and the soaring, perfect-pitch Jim Jidhed vocals, these tunes are still a wet dream for any AOR aficionado.

This “25th Anniversary Edition” contains the original Scandinavian version with Jidhed on vocals (remastered for this reissue) as well as the later 1989 US-version (remixed and quite different at places) with new singer Pete Sandberg on some songs.

ALIEN - Alien 25th Anniversary Edition [2CD] back cover

Furthermore the release contains the two bonus tracks “Feel My Love” & “Touch My Fire” (recorded at Polar Studios Sweden 1988) and unseen photos which make this reissue even more essential.


CD1 – Original Scandinavian Edition [Remastered]
01. Brave New Love – 3:53
02. Tears Don’t Put Out The Fire – 4:09
03. Go Easy – 3:39
04. I’ve Been Waiting – 5:03
05. Jaime Remember – 4:41
06. Feel My Love – 3:46
07. Only One Woman – 4:12
08. Wings Of Fire – 3:23
09. Dying By The Golden Rule – 3:49
10. Touch My Fire – 3:58
11. Dreamer – 4:40
12. Mirror – 4:29
13. Feel My Love (Polar session outtake) 3:52
14. Touch My Fire (Polar session outtake) 3:51


ALIEN - Alien 25th Anniversary Edition [Scandinavian + USA versions remastered] discs

CD2 – USA Edition [Remastered]
01. Tears Don’t Put Out The Fire (US Mix) – 4:32
02. Go Easy (US Mix) – 3:48
03. I’ve Been Waiting (US Mix) – 5:09
04. Jaimie Remember (US Mix) – 4:43
05. Feel My Love (US Mix) – 3:45
06. Only One Woman (US Mix) – 4:34
07. Brave New Love (US Mix) – 4:00
08. The Air That I Breathe (US Mix) – 4:36
09. Touch My Fire (US Mix) – 4:06
10. Now Love (US Mix) – 4:25

Tony Borg – guitars
Jimmy Wandroph – keyboards
Ken Sandin – bass
Toby Tarrach – drums
Jim Jidhed – vocals
Pete Sandberg – vocals


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