SKILLET – Dominion: Day Of Destiny (Deluxe Edition) (2023)

SKILLET - Dominion: Day Of Destiny (Deluxe Edition) (2023) - full

Rockers SKILLET will release “Dominion: Day Of Destiny (Deluxe Edition)” on February 17, 2023. With 5 new additional tracks, including upcoming Active Rock single ‘Psycho In My Head’, the project is the companion to “Dominion”, SKILLET’s latest studio album, which arrived in January 2022.
Since emerged into the scene in the Nineties, SKILLET have been experimented with many different sounds, even while they reached multi-platinum status. However, in our opinion, a hit and miss plagued some of their albums.
On the band’s upcoming new record ”Dominion” seems they finally solidified their style, a mix of modern rock, poppy choruses, precise riffs and electronic loops, but what now Skillet achieved strongly are dynamics. All songs flow with ease, anthemic, and while this type of bands / genre aren’t our favorite, we think you should give ”Dominion” a listen.

“Dominion” opens with three anthems full of fire and showcasing Skillet’s confidence. It’s immediately clear the members are caught in a proverbial battle they’re determined to win. In opener “Surviving the Game”, Cooper (lead vocals, bass) pledges to follow “the way of the warrior.
“Standing In the Storm”, the best song on the record, spits verses with rhythmic patterns that are almost rap-like, using the more traditional chorus to deliver the unshakable message. The title track follows that up with a ripping guitar solo and the decisive statement, “Our rebellion has begun.”
From here on out, the record is peppered with similar beats, typical modern rock melodies and guitar solos, giving the radio-rock champions a little more dimension… and dynamics.

“Destroyer” and “Ignite” are both groovy, beat-heavy songs that keep Jen Ledger quite busy behind the kit. Not only is she a powerful drummer, but she manages to multi-task by singing backing vocals at the same time. Jen’s elegant voice contrasts very well with John Cooper’s gritty leads, and are part of Skillet’s distinctive sound.
One of the best songs on the Cd is “Valley of Death.” This track is truly dynamic; it starts with a beautiful piano intro and begins to build with John’s vocals and some light string accompaniment. As the song swells to its climax, the listener is confronted with lyrics that encourage choosing hope in the midst of dark times.

This type of rock may be not right up your alley, however you can’t deny Skillet’s ability to boldly bringing diversity to these songs. It’s a clever, well thought collection of tunes, aiming to radio of course, but interesting and listenable.
Highly Recommended


01 – Surviving The Game
02 – Standing in the Storm
03 – Dominion
04 – Valley of Death
05 – Beyond Incredible
06 – Destiny
07 – Refuge
08 – Shout Your Freedom
09 – Destroyer
10 – Forever or the End
11 – Ignite
12 – White Horse
13 – Crossfire
14 – Psycho In My Head
15 – Finish Line (feat. Adam Gontier)
16 – Unbreakable Soul
17 – The Defiant

John Cooper – lead vocals, bass, keyboards
Korey Cooper – guitar, keyboards, synths, backing vocals
Jen Ledger – drums, backing and occasional lead vocals
Seth Morrison – lead guitar, backing vocals


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