STRYKEN – Stryker: The Early Years [unreleased / remastered] (2022)

STRYKEN - Stryker: The Early Years [unreleased / remastered] (2022) - full

Few weeks ago we featured here the RetroActive Records remastered reissue of ’80s rocker STRYKEN recordings, and now we complete the circle with “Stryker: The Early Years“, featuring the very first recordings from the band when still operated under the name ”Stryker”.
The band was put together in Arizona in the late Seventies by founding members Dale and Steve Streiker initially under the Stryker moniker. After releasing a single and a four song demo, the band move to Austin in late 1982, and by the spring of the following year the band recorded their first album entitled Blitzkrieg that sold very well.
On “Stryker: The Early Years” we have the very early stages of the band. In 1980, BIRC Records released 2 of the 50+ songs they had written so far, on a 45 RPM 2-sided single. The songs, produced by Joe Bidwell, were recorded at Autograph Recording Studios in Tucson, Arizona and were titled “On The Phone” and “As The Rain Goes”.
These songs, at the time, were considered to be in the power-pop / New Wave / glam genre similar to The Cars, New York Dolls, The Knack, and KISS members 1978 ‘solo albums’, especially Ace Frehley and Peter Criss Lp’s.

Soon thereafter, Joey Knight (Drummer) and David Kurowski (Bass Guitar), both from Tucson, joined STRYKER and now the stage was set to rapidly develop and record new music to share with their growing fan base.
“Stryker: The Early Years” contains 5 previously unreleased songs, of which 4 have never have been released on CD nor MP3 including “Playing On The Radio,” “As The Rain Goes,” “On the Phone,” and “Life Can’t Be The Same” which provides you with a glimpse of how the band matured.
Very cool, enjoyable early Eighties glammy pop stuff.


01 – On The Phone
02 – As The Rain Goes
03 – Playing On The Radio
04 – Need Your Love
05 – Life Can’t Be The Same (Solo Version)
06 – Right Of Way (Keyboard Centric)
07 – I’m Alright
08 – It’s Over

Dale Streiker – vocals, lead guitar
Stephen Streiker – vocals, guitar, keyboards
David Kurowski – bass
Joey Knight – drums, percussion



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