ROXANNE – Radio Silence [feat George Lynch, dUg Pinnick] (2018)

ROXANNE - Radio Silence (2018) full

With the new, third album ROXANNE album featured here few days ago, some you asked for the second, comeback CD. “Radio Silence” is the sophomore release from melodic / classic rock band ROXANNE, released November 25, 2018, via Rat Pak Records.
Originally formed in the late ’80s, Roxanne garnered commercial success with their 1988 self-titled debut album which was well received with two songs charting on rock radio; “Cherry Bay” and “Sweet Maria”, as well as a cover of Wild Cherry’s “Play That Funky Music” which hit #63 on the Billboard singles charts and was in full rotation on both dance and rock stations simultaneously.

As happened with many bands from that era, facing the decline in interest for AOR rock due to the onslaught of the “grunge” scene, the guys in Roxanne went on hiatus.
Now 30 years later the band returns with a new offering entitled “Radio Silence”, which features 11 tracks of pure adrenalized melodic rock music and also features special guest appearances by guitar legend George Lynch, King’s X front-man dUg Pinnick and Korn drummer Ray Luzier.

Regarding the recording process, lead singer Jamie Brown comments, “We wanted to make a rock record that you’d want to crank in your car and drive fast with the windows down and I think we accomplished that!”.
Drummer Dave Landry adds, “We are all very proud of this album and are ecstatic the way it turned out… The songs, the tones and the performances. Recorded on 2-inch analog, it sounds real, it is real, and truly represents the way our band sounds!”

With influences that range from Queen to Bad Company to Thin Lizzy to Bad Radiator, “Radio Silence” is best described as a perfect blend of classic rock with a modern-day melodic rock production.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – Someone to Kill
02 – Girls Alright
03 – Super Bad (feat. George Lynch)
04 – Thin Blue Line
05 – Broken Chandeliers
06 – Man in the Moon (feat. Doug Pinnick & Ray Luzier)
07 – Go Fuck Yourself (feat. G. Lynch & D. Pinnick)
08 – Without Us
09 – Quarter to Four
10 – I Don’t Want to Live This Way
11 – First Mistake

Jamie Brown – Lead Vocals, Guitar
John Butler – Guitar, Harmony Vocals
Joe Infante – Bass, Harmony Vocals
Dave Landry – Drums
George Lynch – lead guitar
Doug Pinnick – backing vocals
Ray Luzier – backing vocals



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  1. Ray says:

    Thanks so much! Would like to hear their debut some day.

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