THE BANISHMENT (George Lynch) – Machine And Bone (2023)

THE BANISHMENT (George Lynch) - Machine And Bone (2023) - full

THE BANISHMENT, a collaboration between guitarist George Lynch (Lynch Mob, The End Machine, ex-Dokken) and programmer and multi-instrumentalist Joe Haze that started in 2011, and since 2020, has also included L.A. based artist/vocalist Devix Szell, will release their debut album, “Machine And Bone” on March 10, 2023 via Frontiers Music.
“Machine And Bone”, which features guest vocal appearances from Richard Patrick (Filter) and Tommy Victor (Prong), is a brooding, heavy industrial album with explosions of Lynch’s bluesy and psychotic guitar licks. Musically there’s some connection with Lynch’s KXM, other of his projects with dug Pinnick.
These songs are modern, innovative rock with electronics, explosive guitar work, and Szell’s haunting, powerful, and soul-stirring voice. It’s really cool to hear that George Lynch keeps exploring new territories, a restless musician always evolving.


1. Reaction
2. Max Pain ft. Richard Patrick
3. Right ft. Tommy Victor
4. Lost Horizon
5. The Dread ft. Jason Charles Miller
6. Reunion
7. Terra Nullius
8. Got What You Wanted
9. Terror ft. Tommy Victor
10. Machine And Bone

Devix Szell – Vocals
George Lynch – Guitars
Joe Haze – Programming, Synth, Engineer, Mixer


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