JOE BONAMASSA – Tales Of Time (2023)

JOE BONAMASSA - Tales Of Time (2023) - full

Tales Of Time” is a love performance of JOE BONAMASSA‘s latest studio album, Time Clocks – a sprawling and expansive musical undertaking recorded in August 2022 at the iconic Red Rocks Amphitheatre. Joe’s virtuoso guitar style, blending everything with his unique Blues-Rock technique and flair, elevate the evening’s performance to a stratospheric level and the overall experience to an almost heavenly high.
Considering that Bonamassa has somehow released more live albums than solo studio recordings, it’s reasonable to ask if further concert captures are even newsworthy. On the contrary, ”Tales Of Time” comprises the New Yorker’s most compelling live collection to date. 2021 album Time Clocks finally gets the airing it deserves, and at Colorado’s striking Amphitheatre, these songs radiate with bluesy majesty.

Notches and The Heart That Never Waits are both irresistible with devil-may-care swagger and Bonamassa’s fiery flourishes. The latter is a bluesy excursion that is reminiscent of Stevie Ray and was co-written with James House. Curtain Call is another lengthy hard driving cut with excellent recording the performance.
The Loyal Kind was co-written with Bernie Marsden and here has a classic hard rock sound. Time Clocks was the title track from the 2021 album and co-written by Bonamassa and Kevin Shirley as an exercise in pushing the envelope, even more live. On Evil Mama the band jam to high heaven followed by Bonamassa’s scalding pyrotechnic guitar peals.

The whole band is on remarkable form, but the extraordinary backing singers Mahalia Barnes, Jade MacRae and Dannielle DeAndrea elevate Mind’s Eye and Time Clocks to a near spiritual experience.
Beware, this album guarantees serious gig envy.
Highly Recommended


01 – Notches (Live)
02 – The Heart That Never Waits (Live)
03 – Curtain Call (Live)
04 – Mind’s Eye (Live)
05 – Questions And Answers (Live)
06 – The Loyal Kind (Live)
07 – Known Unknowns (Live)
08 – Time Clocks (Live)
09 – Just ‘Cos You Can Don’t Mean You Should (Live)
10 – Evil Mama (Live)

Joe Bonamassa – Vocals, Guitars
Reese Wynans – Keyboards
Josh Smith – Guitar
Lemar Carter – Drums and Percussion
Calvin Turner – Bass Guitar
Mahalia Barnes – Vocals and Percussion
Jade MacRae – Vocals and Percussion
Dannielle DeAndrea – Vocals and Percussion



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