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With the strong new PERFECT VIEW album featured here, many asked for the band’s debut CD “Hold Your Dreams” – their most AOR sounding work – in its Avenue Of Allies Records remastered reissue including a bonus track. This release has become very hard to find now.
Inspired by ’80s AOR legends, “Hold Your Dreams” is a stupendous rendition to the glory days of arena rock, when melody and the emphasis on the feel-good vibe ruled the airwaves.
Part of the ‘new wave of Italian AOR / Melodic Rock”, Perfect View was formed by Massimiliano Ordine, Francesco Cataldo and Luca Ferraresi back in 2008. Even though touted as a fairly new band in the scene, some of the members have previously collaborated with Olaf Thorsen (Vision Divine, Labyrinth), Roberto Tiranti (Labyrinth) and Alex DeRosso (Dokken, Dark Lord).

All competent musicians, the driven force of the band in this first album are guitarist Cataldo delivering great melodious riffs & solos (obviously influenced by the guitar heroes Eddie Van Halen, Nuno Bettencourt, Frankie Sullivan et all) and synth / keyboardist Pier Mazzini, both providing wonderful runs and an interesting palette of sounds.

But the star in this recording is singer Ordine. His voice is clear and melodic, powerful when needed, with a tone reminiscent of Fergie Frederiksen’s job on TOTO’s ‘Isolation’. His pipes will leave on you an impact especially on tracks like “A Reason To Fight” and “One More Time”.
Opener “A Better Place” starts with a TOTOish keyboard line, then the verses and chorus pay tribute to Journey, while the guitar solo structure is absolutely Eddie VH. Looks like a strange coctel on the paper but works very well.

“Closer” is a radio friendly commercial tune like mid-Eighties Steve Perry with a catchy chorus, while on the aforementioned “One More Time” the swirling keyboard lines and the vocal performance by Massimiliano makes this song one of their best.

PERFECT VIEW - Hold Your Dreams [remastered reissue +1] (2017) booklet

“Believe” is totally TOTO, just listen the keys and guitar interplay. The vocals are rougher than the previous tracks but controlled and perfectly arranged. Great job.
The guys clearly leave all influences in the open as the familiar TOTO sounds and the edgier heavier crunch of bands like Edge Of Forever which feature strong vocals as well are eminent.
You can hear this on the heavier riff of “Run”, one of the heaviest tunes on the CD.

If the swivel sounds of “Don’t Turn Away” don’t remind you of Extreme then you’re not listening closely, this track delivers a youthful exuberant of energy and expertise musicianship.
“A Reason To Fight” is a classic late ’80s ballad, it’s almost impossible not to think in Warrant’s ‘Heaven’ listening to this tune. But the band has given the track a rich orchestration that enhances the melody to a high level. The best arranged song in this disc.

Title track is very melodic, a well crafted mid-tempo with vocals to my ears inspired by TNT’s Tony Harnell, “Showtime” rocks harderwith some Dokken on it, whilst “Where’s The Love” is a slow, long-lasting ballad.
Bonus track “No Mercy” has no mercy indeed, the most uptempo track here, rocking with sharp riffage however the chorus is really melodic, inspired by the mid-Eighties Euro scene.

PERFECT VIEW - Hold Your Dreams [remastered reissue +1] (2017) back

When originally released, “Hold Your Dreams” was one of the surprises / best debuts that year, and for many, still stand’s as Perfect View’s best.
It’s musically their most varied album to date, ranging from AOR to melodic hard rock, with a strong songwriting, good taste in arrangements, tons of energy and character in the musicianship.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – A Better Place
02 – Closer
03 – One More Time
04 – Believe
05 – A Reason To Fight
06 – I Need Your Love
07 – Run
08 – Don’t Turn Away
09 – Hold Your Dreams
10 – Showtime
11 – Speed Demon
12 – Where’s The Love
13 – No Mercy

Massimiliano Ordine: Lead & backing vocals
Francesco Cataldo: All guitars & backing vocals
Pier Mazzini: Keyboards & backing vocals
Cristian Guerzoni: Bass
Luca Ferraresi: Drums


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