VAIN – All Those Strangers [1991 unreleased album / remastered] (2023) HQ *EXCLUSIVE*

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After the thrilling debut album, ‘No Respect’, dated back to 1989, VAIN recorded their “to be” second album, ”All Those Strangers”. Nevertheless, due to several misfortunes, it was never released. Back in 1991, the supposed year for the album’s release, the record label Island Records got into some financial problems which ended in its collapse. At the very last minute, ”All Those Strangers” was shelved, leaving VAIN with empty hands.
It took endless years until frontman Davy Vain got the rights of the recording, and ”All Those Strangers” was finally released some time ago via his own label, a limited pressing of 500 CD’s, of course sold out.
Now VAIN‘s second album ”All Those Strangers” is being available again 2023, on Hi-Res Audio.

This record would definitely have been a perfect follow-up for the glam legends. While ”All Those Strangers” may not have a song as instantly hard-hitting as on the debut, arguably it is more consistent throughout than ‘No Respect’ was. Tracks like “Wake Up”, “Love Drug”, “Shooting Star”, “Here Comes Lonely” or “Shouldn’t Cry” easily could have been hits on MTV back in 1991.
One nice thing about ”All Those Strangers” is the exceptional sound quality. All too often these unreleased albums are created from unfinished demos, but in this case the album was completely mixed & mastered and ready for release back in 1991, coming direct from the master tapes.

Indeed, there are some killer tracks worth pointing out on ”All Those Strangers”. “Love Drug” and “Looking Glass” begin and end the CD on a rocking note and are great additions to the Vain catalogue. “Shooting Star” is another great song and includes some of the band’s best and most memorable guitar work.
“Far Away” brings back lots of memories, as I remember it being included on a Kerrang Magazine flexi-disc back in the day, and it sounds a hell of a lot better now than it did on that flimsy hunk of plastic. On the lighter side, “Here Comes Lonely” eclipses any of the similar tempo-ed songs on the debut… it may in fact be the band’s best shining ‘ballad’ ever.

VAIN’s first album ‘No Respect’ is a classic from 1989, and many fans of the record should give ”All Those Strangers” a good listen now, it’s even better, more complete on all aspects.
HIGHLY Recommended

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01 – Love Drug
02 – Planet’s Turning
03 – Shooting Star
04 – Too Bad
05 – Far Away
06 – Wake Up
07 – Freak Flag
08 – Here Comes Lonely
09 – Shouldn’t Cry
10 – Do You Sleep With Strangers?
11 – Looking Glass

Davy Vain – vocals and guitar
Danny West – guitar
Jamie Scott – guitar
Ashley Mitchell – bass
Tommy Rickard – drums


Physical CD sold out
Hi-Res Audio reissue:

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