CENTURY – The Conquest Of Time (2023)

CENTURY - The Conquest Of Time (2023) - full

A Swedish two-piece with seasoning in other acts across the heavy and progressive, CENTURY took shape in 2020 recording a demo. The underground hordes took notice, a subsequent 7” single ‘The Fighting Eagle’ issued in 2022 became a teaser for labels to come calling as this debut album ”The Conquest of Time” hits the market on No Remorse Records. Choosing to be a self-contained entity in terms of production, artwork, songwriting, and instrumentation, you will get purity for the cause that resonates loud and clear from first playback to latest.
Pulling from an array of those early ’80s European / American influences, these gentlemen know when to hit the higher gears for riffs, blazing solos, undeniable vocal melodies, epic marching tempos and catchy choruses that stand resolute with mighty power.
CENTURY are another magnificent example of Scandinavia keeping the true, traditional Eighties Heavy Metal sound alive and kicking. Their debut album summons the spirits of the elder legends while marching forward with conviction and skill.

Staffan Tengnér and Leo Ekström layer the guitar rhythms, bass, and drums in an infectious manner, robust even through the wind effects that sweep through the cleaner atmosphere twist for “Black Revenant”, while the Maiden-esque driving ethos charges in a Heavy Load-ish context through the follow-up “Sinister Star”.
Versatile in dynamic contrasts song to song, Century knows when to ride that midtempo classic metal riff parade, where Staffan can shine in his mid-range to higher vocal note proficiency, the dual axe harmony accents building momentum as “Victim in Chains” becomes a mid-album highlight.

Subtle progressive movements appear in spots to counterbalance the heads down metal proceedings, as air guitar mavens will find plenty to shadow on “Master of Hell”, while the longest cut “Servants of the Iron Mask” presents a versatile arrangement featuring a swirling keyboard intro, heroic bass lines, and large power hooks designed for unison loud festival participation moments.

Nine songs in a tidy thirty-six minutes and change time frame, ”The Conquest of Time” is another shining example of Swedish metal transporting the listeners to the early strengths of classic heavy metal with power, speed, and all-around superior musicianship.
Although phenomenally enjoyable on the record, many of these songs will work exceptionally well live too with their potent sing-along friendly choruses and momentously percussive riffing. And guess what; Century assembled a touring band and already performed not only in Europe, but in the USA.
Full to the brim with creative songwriting, eloquent mood swings and a haunting performance from both members, these Swedes have triumphed.
Highly Recommended


01 – The Fighting Eagle
02 – Black Revenant
03 – Sinister Star
04 – Victim In Chains
05 – The Conquest Of Time
06 – Master Of Hell
07 – Distant Mirror
08 – Breakthrough
09 – Servants Of The Iron Mask

Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Artwork – Staffan Tengnér
Drums, Guitar, Bass – Leo Ekström Sollenmo



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