AGENTZ – Stick To Your Guns ’87 [remastered] + Agentz Demo ’85

AGENTZ - Stick To Your Guns '87 [remastered] + Agentz Demo '85 - full

As requested, here’s the only album from US melodic hard rockers AGENTZ and their only album 1987’s “Stick To Your Guns” digitally remastered. This New York act was founded in 1984 by bass player / songwriter Jose Ferro and ex- Savatage member Patrick Dubs (Lead Vocals)
In 1985 the band recorded a 5-track demo “Agentz Demo 1985” which get a lot of airplay over several radio stations in Europe. This created a lot of interest in AGENTZ, receiving rave reviews in many specialized magazines such as Kerrang!, Metal Forces and Burrn! from Japan.
This lead to a record deal with Dreams Records / CBS in France, with the album “Stick To Your Guns” released in Europe in April 1987. The album never was released on CD until this remastered reissue. AGENTZ’s music was melodic hard rocking with a glam factor, mixing melody with edgy guitars, and spiced with AORish keyboards
Here we have not only “Stick To Your Gunsremastered but also that first “Agentz Demo 1985” as bonus, taped with a very good sound quality. We actually prefer many of these early versions, rawer, heavier.


Behind the extremely cheesy n’ cheap so-’80s cover art, AGENTZ delivers cool rockers with the era’s mid-paced, steamy street rocking beat, crunchy guitar lines and punchy keyboards to give them that total Eighties feel. Guitarist Jason Sabo knows how to lay into a minimal solo that evokes the city nights this beast wishes to prowl about in.
“Bite the Bullet” builds an ambient prelude and for a second I felt like I was at the opening credits of an ’80s cop flick, as the shot was panning closer towards the city skyscape. “Fire in the Heart” might be the most ‘burning’ track on the album, then things get more metallic with “When the Axe Falls”.

For AGENTZ, “Stick To Your Guns” arrived too late, as the overall sound of the album – and the band – belongs to 1984-1985. If they had the chance to properly record the LP in 1985 things would have been different for this band. Btw, the song versions from the ‘Agentz Demo 1985’ are very good.


Stick To Your Guns 1987 [remastered]:
01 – Stick to your Guns
02 – Don’t Tread on Me
03 – Time Will Tell
04 – Take a Chance on Love
05 – Bite the Bullet
06 – Fire in the Heart
07 – When the Axe Falls
08 – Waiting in Vain

Agentz Demo 1985 :
01 – Stick to your Guns
02 – Time Will Tell
03 – Take a Chance on Love
04 – Don’t Tread on Me
05 – Waiting in Vain

Patrick Dubs – Lead Vocals
Jose Ferro – Bass, Vocals
John Cappadona – Drums
Jason Sabo – Guitars
Tommy Tindall – Keyboards


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