DIRTY RHYTHM – Hard As A Rock +5 [Bad Reputation Remaster] (2023) HQ *Exclusive*

DIRTY RHYTHM - Hard As A Rock +5 [Bad Reputation Remaster] (2023) HQ *Exclusive* - lossless full

DIRTY RHYTHM was a great Canadian based band that tried their hand at the melodic hard rock craze of the late-80s / early 90s. Their only album “Hard As A Rock” sounds exactly like you’d expect from a record of this genre released in 1991: huge production, melodic riffs, big choruses, and a darn good vocalist are the highlights to this album.
Produced by Loverboy guitarist Paul Dean in Burnaby, British Columbia, after the CD release Dirty Rhythm went on tour across USA where they had bigger opportunities, but their small JRS Records label was not supportive at all. Disheartened by the change in the industry and the ineptness of JRS, they just seemed to go off in their own direction. They have all remained great friends.
Now 2023 Bad Reputation Records is reissuing “Hard As A Rock” for the first time remastered, including 6 bonus tracks. These bonuses are the original mixes of many album tracks before the JRS label decided to remix for their own purposes.
DIRTY RHYTHM’s delivery on “Hard As A Rock” is like a mix of Winger, early Skid Row, Lynch Mob, Slaughter, with the original CD pretty hard to find, now available again thanks to Bad Reputation whom did an excellent remaster.
HIGHLY Recommended (contributors get the album today)


01 – Feel The Fire
02 – I Can’t Wait
03 – Blinded
04 – Hot N’ Cold
05 – Hard As A Rock
06 – Backside Of Love
07 – Reach Out
08 – One Summer Night
09 – Hold On (Forever Tonight)
10 – Waiting For The Money
11 – Burn Out The Night
12 – Bad Girls
13 – Hard As A Rock (Remix)
14 – One Summer Night (Remix)
15 – Waiting For The Money (Remix)
16 – Burn Out The Night (Remix)
17 – Bad Girls (Remix)

Jeffrey Michael Bonds – vocals, guitar
Brian Harrison – guitar, keyboards
Anthony Brian Greenham – bass
Samuel Zern, Troy Miller – drums
Dave Pickell – guest keyboards
Matt Fernette – guest percussion

Produced by Paul Dean



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