SIN CITY – Sin City 1990 [Retrospect Records reissue]

SIN CITY - Sin City 1990 [Retrospect Records reissue] - full

Not to be confused with other acts of the same name, this SIN CITY hails from Florida, USA. Formed in the second half of the ’80s the guys managed to record this self-titled effort and get it released by a Swedish (!) label, something uncommon at the time.
Of course ‘Sin City‘ became a collectors item over the years until Retrospect Records reissued the platter some time ago. With a melodic hard rock style dominated by a sharp guitar work and powerful vocals, Sin City music can be compared to the likes of Steelheart, TNT (American era), later Shy, etc.
This is simply one of the best indies from the era with more than a decent production but essentially, terrific melodic-rockin’ songs to die for.
As requested, here’s this – again – not easy to find album.
Highly Recommended


01 – All Night Long
02 – Down To The River
03 – Keep On Running
04 – Child Of The Highway
05 – Piece Of The Action

Kevin Tetz – Lead Vocals
Johan Pinee – Guitars
Teddy Days – Bass, Backing Vocals
Sebastian Hager – Drums


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