VIRGIN STEELE – The Passion Of Dionysus (2023)


If there’s a cult metal band out there that should be VIRGIN STEELE. At a time when cultural innovation is being side-lined like never before and many unusual forms of music are succumbing to the temptation of the more commercially lucrative mainstream, VIRGIN STEELE are the shining, silver lining.
For over 40 years, mastermind David DeFeis has kept one of the most imaginative bands in the US metal genre on track with his excellent songwriting and charismatic voice. At the same time, DeFeis has never stopped evolving as a composer, musician and producer, updating the band’s classic sound with exciting new influences.
VIRGIN STEELE is releasing their new album, ”The Passion Of Dionysus”, on June 30, 2023, where continues to push boundaries and deliver their unique brand of metal.

“The Gethsemane Effect” immediately grabs your attention with its powerful vocals. DeFeis showcases his remarkable range and control, making it one of the standout tracks on the album. As you dive deeper into the album, “Ritual Of Descent” presents a fascinating amalgamation of about 15 different musical ideas happening simultaneously. It’s a testament to the band’s skill that somehow, everything fits together harmoniously.

“Black Earth And Blood” takes an interesting turn, combining intense thrash drumming with progressive elements. The result is a captivating and complex piece that defies categorization.
Meanwhile, the title track, “The Passion of Dionysus,” blends US metal with elements of AOR, creating a peculiar yet intriguing fusion of styles.

However, the standout moment on the album comes in the form of “I Will Fear No Man for I Am A God.” With its filthy riff and harmonies, this track showcases Virgin Steele at their best. The band’s ability to create something distinct and unlike anything else is truly commendable.

David DeFeis himself describes Virgin Steele as a way of life, stating, “The band is my vehicle with which I traverse vast oceans of experience. We are always doing things our own way, on our own specific terms.”
This sentiment is reflected in their music, which is as overblown and grandiose as their ambitions. With swords raised high, they embark on a solid metal journey.
Highly Recommended


01 – The Gethsemane Effect
02 – You’ll Never See the Sun Again
03 – A Song of Possession
04 – The Ritual of Descent
05 – Spiritual Warfare
06 – Black Earth & Blood
07 – The Passion of Dionysus
08 – To Bind & Kill a God
09 – Unio Mystica
10 – I Will Fear No Man for I Am a God

David DeFeis – Vocals, Keyboards, Bass, Drums
Edward Pursino – Guitars
Joshua Block – Guitars



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