BANGALORE CHOIR – Center Mass [Bonus CD Edition] (2023) *HQ*

BANGALORE CHOIR - Center Mass [Bonus CD Edition] (2023) *HQ* - lossless full

Late ’80s / early ’90s melodic hard rockers BANGALORE CHOIR are back with a new album; “Center Mass“, to be released July 7th via Global Rock Records. Fronted by former Accept and Bonfire vocalist David Reece, Bangalore Choir emerged in 1991 at the tail end of the Eighties rock movement, instantly impressing the fans & press with big choruses, melodic guitar playing and songwriting contributions by Jon Bon Jovi, Aldo Nova and Autograph’s Steve Plunkett.
The new album ”Center Mass” is a direct sequel in style to the classic debut On Target, and is sure to excite fans of the era and of the melodic heavy rock genre in general. An experimented cat in the business, Reece know what fans want: that classic sound, loads of harmony vocals, big hooks, and melodic guitar solos.
This new BANGALORE CHOIR album comes with a bonus CD of a brilliant live set, recorded in Hamburg during the Summer of 2022.

“Center Mass” is a very well rounded up album, mostly a Reece effort with the help in songwriting & production by Mario Perducani (Hungry Heart) also providing some guitar, as the current BANGALORE CHOIR actually doesn’t play on ”Center Mass” – they do on the live bonus CD, and they sound tight.
Reece has been able to re-capture BANGALORE CHOIR’s On Target-era vibe here, and we must say he has retained his voice remarkably well over the years.

Songs like ‘Spirit Rider’, ‘Wind At My Back’, ‘Back To Life’ and ‘Downtime With The Devil (Is Hell)’ rock hard, ‘If The Good Die Young, Pt. 2’ is quite heavy ‘n groovy, for midtempo melodic rockers check ‘Heat Of The Night’ (a highlight) and the dynamic ‘Back 2 U’, while the ballad department is covered by ‘I Just Wanna Love You’, the bluesy acoustically based ‘Blame It On Me’, and the strong ‘While Bullets Fly’.
For the end, BANGALORE CHOIR / Reece delivers a version of Nazareth’s classic ‘Love Hurts’, originally a ballad, but re-done here in a midpaced rocking fashion. We like it.

BANGALORE CHOIR - Center Mass [Bonus CD Edition] back cover

The bonus live CD showcases a tight band, with Reece in great form and the band feeling energetic. It’s really well recorded / mixed, especially we love the biting guitar work / sound.
A very good new BANGALORE CHOIR album, with something for everyone ranging from hard rockers, melodic rockers to ballads and acoustic-mix midtempo numbers.
Highly Recommended


Disc 1 – Center Mass
01 – Spirit Rider
02 – Back To Life
03 – I Just Wanna Love You
04 – Heat Of The Night
05 – Wind At My Back
06 – Blame It On Me
07 – Back 2 U
08 – Downtime With The Devil (Is Hell)
09 – Without You
10 – While Bullets Fly
11 – If The Good Die Young, Pt. 2
12 – Love Hurts

Disc 2 – Live In Hamburg
01 – Just One Night (Live, Hamburg, 2022)
02 – Loaded Gun (Live, Hamburg, 2022)
03 – Slippin’ Away (Live, Hamburg, 2022)
04 – Victim Of The Night (Live, Hamburg, 2022)
05 – If The Good Die Young (Live, Hamburg, 2022)
06 – Freight Train Rollin’ (Live, Hamburg, 2022)
07 – Angel In Black (Live, Hamburg, 2022)
08 – All Or Nothing (Live, Hamburg, 2022)

David Reece – lead vocals
Curt Mitchell – guitars
Andy Susemihl – guitars
Danny Greenberg – bass guitar
Rene Letters – drums



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