THE WHO – Who’s Next [Remastered] (2023)

THE WHO - Who’s Next : Life House [Remastered] (2023) - full

A lavish, multi-format Super Deluxe boxed set featuring THE WHO’s 1971 classic ‘Who’s Next‘ album and the complete, abandoned ‘Life House’ project that led up to it, will be released on September 15.
The main album – ‘Who’s Next’ – with the addition of 2 bonus tracks all freshly remastered, has been released as advance. The upcoming Super Deluxe boxed set consists of 11 discs. The set contains the suite of songs in which Pete Townshend foresaw the invention of the internet, described the advent of virtual reality and of a pandemic-style lockdown. The multiple-disc editions will contain no fewer than 155 tracks, of which 89 are previously unreleased and 57 feature new remixes.
Meanwhile, enjoy the original ‘Who’s Next’ with a superb remastered sound quality.


01 – Baba O’Riley (Remastered 2022)
02 – Bargain (Remastered 2022)
03 – Love Ain’t For Keeping (Remastered 2022)
04 – My Wife (Remastered 2022)
05 – The Song Is Over (Remastered 2022)
06 – Getting In Tune (Remastered 2022)
07 – Going Mobile (Remastered 2022)
08 – Behind Blue Eyes (Remastered 2022)
09 – Won’t Get Fooled Again (Remastered 2022)
10 – Pure And Easy (Lifehouse Chronicle / Remastered 2022)
11 – Love Ain’t For Keeping (NY Sessions ’71 / Take 14 / Remastered 2022)

Roger Daltrey – lead vocals
Pete Townshend – guitar, organ, synthesizer, vocals
John Entwistle – bass, brass, vocals, piano on “My Wife”
Keith Moon – drums, percussion

Dave Arbus – violin on “Baba O’Riley”
Nicky Hopkins – piano on “The Song Is Over” and “Getting in Tune”
Leslie West – lead guitar on NY sessions



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