ROBIN TROWER – Twice Removed From Yesterday: 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition (2023)

ROBIN TROWER - Twice Removed From Yesterday: 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition (2023) - full

”Twice Removed From Yesterday” is ROBIN TROWER‘s first solo album after leaving Procol Harum in 1971 and hooking up with Frankie Miller in the band Jude. Featuring ex-Stone The Crows bassist/ vocalist James Dewar and Reg Isidore on drums, it was originally released in March 1973 and heralded the beginning of this legendary power trio, paving the way for Robin to be the deserved guitar hero that he is.
A mix of hard bluesy rock, the album contains nuggets of genius throughout, none more so than on the title track, ‘I Can’t Wait Much Longer’, and ‘Daydream’, amongst others.
This new release “Twice Removed From Yesterday: 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition” is housed in a gatefold sleeve and is remastered for 2023. It features 3 unreleased versions of album tracks, the B-side of the “Man Of The World” single (Take A Fast Train), and 4 BBC John Peel sessions.
”Twice Removed From Yesterday” is a record that displayed the characteristics that would make Trower a guitar hero and stadium attraction of the mid-’70s. He de-emphasized the Hendrix fuzz, feedback, and distortion, and let the reverb from his Strat become his dominant tonal device.

He wasn’t as flamboyant as Hendrix, as earthy as Eric Clapton, or as unpredictable as Jeff Beck, but he played cleanly, emphasizing singular, effective notes, and he brought a melodicism and creativity to the electric bluesy rock. His style is best suited for the slow songs like “Daydream” and “I Can’t Wait Much Longer,” where his solos are both carefully structured and melodic.
The most intriguing tune on the album is the title track, a nugget of ’70s-style psychedelic rock that showed Trower to be a pretty good songwriter.

The best aspects of ”Twice Removed From Yesterday” would come to full flowering on his next album, Bridge of Sighs, but this debut showed Trower to be an effective interpreter of the Hendrix sound, and not just what numerous others who came in his wake would prove to be: mere imitators.
The bonus on this deluxe edition well worth the addition to this really good ’70s album
Highly Recommended


Disc 1
1 – I Can’t Wait Much Longer
2 – Daydream
3 – Hannah
4 – Man Of The World
5 – I Can’t Stand It
6 – Rock Me Baby
7 – Twice Removed From Yesterday
8 – Sinner’s Song
9 – Ballerina

Disc 2
1 – Take A Fast Train
2 – Man Of The World (Alt.Mix)
3 – Hannah (Rough Mix)
4 – Ballerina (Rough Mix)
5 – Twice Removed From Yesterday (John Peel BBC Session 26/3/73)
6 – Man Of The World (John Peel BBC Session 26/3/73)
7 – Daydream (John Peel BBC Session 26/3/73)
8 – Sinner’s Song (John Peel BBC Session 26/3/73)

Robin Trower – vocals, guitar
James Dewar – bass, vocals
Reg Isidore – drums


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