CHRISTILLOW – Standing In The Rain ’90 [digitally remastered] (2023) *Exclusive*

CHRISTILLOW - Standing In The Rain '90 [digitally remastered] (2023) *Exclusive* - full

Formed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1988 by members Michael James Christillow (Vocals), Kenne Mettler (Guitar), Jessy Marks (Bass), Rod Taken (Drums), and David Guistwhite (Keyboards), CHRISTILLOW would quickly generate a buzz as they began playing the circuit up and down the East coast. Sharing bills with bands such as Trixter, Loudness, Heaven’s Edge, and a number of other touring bands of the time, CHRISTILLOW would prove to audiences that their brand of metallic melodic hard rock with hints of pomp had what it took to be a contender.
Radio airplay and lots of magazine coverage helped the band gain major label attention. Although the industry was foreseeing a change coming and holding many hard rock bands at bay.
Though it’s no secret that melodic hard rock / pop metal had fallen out of favor by the early ’90s, the genre has had delicious revenge, a resurgence during the last two decades.
Now Heaven and Hell Records is reissuing CHRISTILLOW’s 1990 self-titled / self-released debut under the new title “Standing In The Rain”, fully remastered. Think Dokken, Keel, Lion and the likes with a touch of Pomp…

CHRISTILLOW like many bands who stuck to their guns and would not alter their sound for a new audience, they would await that record deal that would never come. By 1992 it looked like there was no room for hard rock in the new musical climate and CHRISTILLOW called it a day.
This 10-tracker was sent out to labels and sold great at shows. In years since the band’s disappearance the original self-release have become quite sought after by collectors who know of the band – copies being nearly impossible to find these days. Their obscurity on the internet would only add to the mystique.

CHRISTILLOW had the chops, a proper lead vocalist in Michael James Christillow, a killer guitar player, splashes of keyboards adding an AORish – or better, a pompy touch – and a strong, varied songwriting.
CHRISTILLOW is only a teardrop in a pool of “could have been” careers of bands that got lost in the void of the industry’s change. Some of these bands didn’t even have the chance to leave something behind for the history pages to document.

Fortunately there’s labels such as Heaven & Hell Records right here, that would pick up the pieces and issue those drowned promises. CHRISTILLOW were one of those emerging late 80s melodic hard rock bands with enormous potential. You’ll be surprised by the quality of this 5-piece.
Highly Recommended

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01 – Turn Me Loose Tonight
02 – The Climb
03 – Heaven’s Gate
04 – Little Angel Girl
05 – All I Want
06 – Forever Gone
07 – Love Me Tonight
08 – Standing In The Rain
09 – Streets
10 – What Goes Around

Michael James Christillow – Lead Vocals
Kenne Mettler – Guitar
Jessy Marks – Bass
David Guistwhite – Keyboards
Rod Taken – Drums



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