TWISTED ROSE – Cherry Tales (2023)

TWISTED ROSE - Cherry Tales (2023) - full

Formed in Germany 2018, TWISTED ROSE have been rocking the international stages since then, and already had several successes with their singles all over the world. The band play classic hard rock and according to its members their goal is help to bring back the big stadium rock.
And you can hear that on their album “Cherry Tales“, a catchy collection of classic, traditional hard rockers with an old-school vibe but modern production. There’s many things we liked about TWISTED ROSE; they sound and feel very professional, the songs are strong, production is crisp – they own a well-equipped recording studio in Giebelstadt – and they have a female vocalist.
Yeah, there isn’t many classic hard rock female fronted bands out there, and TWISTED ROSE front-woman Caro sounds great. The band opens the album with the energetic “Greed 4 Speed” (check video below) a tune that easily could be part of any action movie soundtrack.

The band has already supported major acts in many European countries. They achieved their first live successes, among other things, with their appearance at the wrestling event “Extreme”, where they were able to convince the fans of this tough sport with their hard rock sound.
The affinity for wrestling is no coincidence, after all, guitarist Chris Bones was once a pro-wrestler himself. In addition to music, he works in a field that has often found its way into the lyrics of various rock and metal bands: he’s the manager of a funeral home.

The band’s name Twisted Rose simply arose from the fact that they were looking for a band name that doesn’t exist, but is still closely related to their idols (Guns n’ Roses, Twisted Sister, etc.). The name should simply express what they do: ’80 Stadium rock. Simple, catchy, sing along.
All are solid rockers here, but the band is able to deliver some well crafted ballads like “Bring Back Those Days” where the deliberately chosen retro sound picks up the listener in any mood and transports him into the atmosphere of old times.

But the band shows their diversity on the other ballad “World Is Burning”, which is more contemporary in sound, and one of the album highlights.
Then you have the fun rockers like ‘Skull’, the punchy ”Say Hello”, the indeed bluesy ”Friday Night Blues”, the riff-driven “Partytime” and ”Rock You Away” (which titles speaks for itself).
Signed by 7Hard Records for the release of “Cherry Tales”, TWISTED ROSE is a band to keep an eye on.
Highly Recommended


01 – Greed4Speed
02 – Wanted
03 – Skull
04 – Bring Back Those Days
05 – Friday Night Blues
06 – Back To The Old Days
07 – Crossing The Line
08 – World Is Burning
09 – Say Hello
10 – Rock You Away
11 – Partytime
12 – We Can’t Get Enough

Caro – Vocals
Chris Bones – Guitars
Luggy – Drums
Tino – Bass



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