GOLDEN EARRING – Cut [Remastered & Expanded 2CD] (2023)

GOLDEN EARRING - Cut [Remastered & Expanded 2CD] (2023) - full

Red Bullet Productions just released this excellent 2-CD Remastered & Expanded version of GOLDEN EARRING‘s most popular album, 1982’s “Cut“, featuring the Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 hit ‘Twilight Zone‘, a classic song still getting its place in Classic Rock Radio – and our playlists.
Remastered from the first-generation Soundpush Studios master tapes, the package includes single edits, B-sides and an hour long of previously unreleased outtakes and early versions / mixes.
Originally meant as a ‘goodbye album’, their sixteenth studio record ”Cut” marked Golden Earring’s comeback in 1982. The album’s huge success, both artistically and commercially, heralded a new period for the band. Both the LP and the single ‘Twilight Zone’ topped the charts in their home country, while in the United States the single – thanks to MTV’s heavy rotation – reached the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 in Spring 1983.
Golden Earring also performed forty shows in two months across the United States. At the start of 1983, everything seemed to be right, just as it was in 1974, when ‘Moontan’ and ‘Radar Love’ were climbing the American charts.

This expanded edition contains a newly remastered version of the album very well balanced, not brickwalled but not quiet, as well as the 7”-single edits of ‘Twilight Zone’, ‘The Devil Made Me Do It’ and B-sides ‘King Dark’ and ‘Shadow Avenue’.
On the separate CD, the hour long The Cut Sessions offers outtakes, raw mixes and alternative versions, including the very first studio recordings of ‘Twilight Zone’ and ‘Future’ from November 1981. It’s entertaining, and worth to listen.
Highly Recommended


CD 1: Original album version remastered plus bonus tracks
1. The Devil Made Me Do It
2. Future
3. Baby Dynamite
4. Last Of The Mohicans
5. Lost And Found
6. Twilight Zone
7. Chargin’ Up My Batteries
8. Secrets
9. Twilight Zone (7-inch single version)
10. King Dark
11. The Devil Made Me Do It (7-inch single version)
12. Shadow Avenue
13. The Devil Made Me Do It (7-inch US single censored version)


CD 2: The Cut Sessions
1. Future (early version 11-81)
2. Twilight Zone (early version 11-81)
3. Don’t Be Silly (monitor mix 1-82)
4. Lost And Found (instrumental early mix 2-82)
5. Future (alternate lyrics version 2-82)
6. Twilight Zone (early mix 2-82)
7. Chargin’ Up My Batteries (early mix 2-82)
8. King Dark (early mix 2-82)
9. Last Of The Mohicans (early version 2-82)
10. Jazz – Shadow Avenue (basic track 3-82)
11. Secrets (early mix 5-82)
12. The Devil Made Me Do It (early mix 6-82)
13. Baby Dynamite (early mix 6-82)
14. Twilight Zone (instrumental early mix 2-82)

Rinus Gerritsen – bass, keyboards
Barry Hay – guitar, vocals
George Kooymans – guitar, vocals
Cesar Zuiderwijk – drums
Robert Jan Stips – synthesizer



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