SAXON – Denim And Leather +9 [Remastered, Extra Tracks Edition] *HQ*

SAXON - Denim And Leather +9 [Remastered, Extra Tracks Edition] *HQ* - full

This classic has been requested at maximum quality; SAXON‘s terrific fourth LP “Denim And Leather [Remastered, Extra Tracks Edition]” features no less than 9 bonus tracks, including single B-sides, a killer 1981 show and a complete booklet in the Rock Candy fashion with rare photos and liner notes by specialist Malcolm Dome in cooperation with frontman Biff Byford.
Saxon’s “Denim And Leather” is a true classic which caught the band at an early commercial and creative peak, and features the classic singles ‘Princess Of The Night’, ‘Never Surrender’ and a tribute to their appearance at the first Castle Donington Festival (now re-named Download), ‘And The Bands Played On’.

Saxon pumped out plenty of great, punchy heavy metal tunes during the early ’80s. It’s what they specialised in. The songs were consistently melodic heavy and enjoyable to listen to, and this particular album captures Saxon at the height of their creativity.
From start to finish, “Denim And Leather” has plenty of great moments to be cherished by any classic rock fan, and has influenced many bands in years to come.

‘Princess Of The Night’ is a midtempo heavy song about trains (not quite what the title may imply) and carries a fantastic chorus chorus. There are certain riffs that may remind you of some early Metallica songs, and those guys, particularly Lars Ulrich, did indeed take a lot of influence from NWOBHM bands.
‘Never Surrender’ is about soldiering on past the obstacles in your way, and serves as a fist pumping motivational song with its chants of “Never surrender!” in the chorus. A true anthem.

The title track is possibly the best song on the album. It may slow down the tempo a bit, but the pounding drums are so powerful and is a great accompaniment to an anthem that is about the heavy metal subculture. It’s the closest the band gets to arena rock on this album, and anybody who is fond of classic metal is bound to go crazy over this song. It’s easy to fall in love with.

Another favorite of mine, “And the Bands Played On” is another classic, influenced by Saxon’s performance at a music festival alongside other hard rock and heavy metal acts, and the reactions and the feelings among the audience members, sitting through varied weather conditions just to catch their favorite bands. It’s something of an hymn for rock and metal music festivals worldwide, and the overwhelming passion of the fans going there.

There are some other great moments on the album like ‘Out of Control’, ‘Rough and Ready’ and ‘Play It Loud’ which have a more hard rock influence in terms sound, yet they stand well with the more “metal” songs such as the ones listed above. “Play it Loud” is simply about fighting for your right to blast out hard rocking music despite the urges you get from others to turn it down. It may seem ridiculously clichéd now, but in the ’80s these lyrics ruled.

This remastered reissue includes a bunch of juicy bonus tracks in the form of the B-sides ‘20,000 Ft. [Remix]’ and ‘Bap Shoo Ap [Live 1980]’, plus songs recorded during the Denim And Leather Tour, taped at different shows like the Hammersmith Odeon, Rainbow, etc.
All worthy material.

“Denim And Leather” is the definition of early ’80s British heavy metal, for me the best Saxon ever. It’s a classic, and its influence on later bands cannot be denied.
This is a really complete – and I must must say, definitive – remastered reissue, with a terrific sound and excellent packaging.


01 – Princess Of The Night
02 – Never Surrender
03 – Out Of Control
04 – Rough And Ready
05 – Play It Loud
06 – And The Bands Played On
07 – Midnight Rider
08 – Fire In The Sky
09 – Denim And Leather
10 – 20,000 Ft. [Remix] [B-Side Of ‘Never Surrender’]
11 – Bap Shoo Ap [Live 1980] [B-Side Of ‘Never Surrender’]
Denim And Leather Tour Live 1981:
12 – Intro – And The Bands Played On [Live 1981]
13 – Princess Of The Night [Live 1981]
14 – Midnight Rider [Live 1981]
15 – Never Surrender [Live 1981]
16 – Fire In The Sky [Live 1981]
17 – Machine Gun [Live 1981]
18 – Play It Loud [Live 1981]

Biff Byford – vocals
Graham Oliver – guitar
Paul Quinn – guitar
Steve Dawson – bass
Pete Gill – drums



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