SORCERER – Reign of the Reaper (2023)

SORCERER - Reign of the Reaper (2023) - full

Swedish Metal band SORCERER origins date from the ’80s, reformed in 2014. There has been several line up changes and now the band enlists renowned musicians from the scene, namely guitarist Kristian Niemann (ex Therion), new drummer Stefan Norgren (Prog Metallers Seventh Wonder) and wonderful vocalist of Anders Engberg (Lion’s Share).
Reign of the Reaper” is the new SORCERER album, and whilst there are still plenty of Black Sabbath doomy throughout the record, they have really taken their overall style into an epic, powerful melodic metal direction.
Sorcerer are unrelentingly, fabulously heavy, but also possess a melodic edge that the guitar lines and Engberg’s excellent vocals drive home with both force and subtlety. The singer incidentally has never sounded as confident and accomplished as he does with Sorcerer, carrying every vocal line and melody with utter conviction and professionalism, crowning the band as the class act that they clearly are.


1 – Morning Star
2 – Reign of the Reaper
3 – Thy Kingdom Will Come
4 – Eternal Sleep
5 – Curse of Medusa
6 – Unveiling Blasphemy
7 – The Underworld
8 – Break of Dawn

Anders Engberg – Vocals
Kristian Niemann – Guitars
Peter Hallgren – Guitars
Justin Biggs – Bass
Richard Evensand – Drums


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