MITCH MALLOY – Malloy 88 [Mitch’s own remaster] *Exclusive*

MITCH MALLOY - Malloy 88 [Mitch's own remaster] *Exclusive* - full

MITCH MALLOY officially debuted as solo artist with his stunning self-titled album on a major label in 1992. But there was another story before, far from an overnight success. Mitch actually put together a band in 1986 under his last name – MALLOY – they recorded 12 original songs for shopping labels and they had all worked hard at trying to snare that elusive record deal, without luck.
These original 1988 recordings were released on CD some years ago thanks to European label Now & Then under the title “Malloy 88”. Although the original “Malloy” tapes got lost along the way, there were still the original mixes left and I must say that the sound quality in very good. This is true 1988’s melodic rock.
Originally Mitch decided to give Now & Then the tapes ‘as they were’, untouched. However the transfer to CD resulted lifeless flat. So years after Mitch Malloy did his own remaster of “Malloy 88” and put the whole thing on his website for all fans to enjoy.
This is ”Malloy 88 / Mitch’s own remaster” never officially released and a collectible. Only at 0dayrox.

Mitch talks about these old days: “We had a band with friends of all life. We were very close, like brothers in a way, and to this day I still miss them a great record deal – some of the best people I’ve ever known. Talented too, and the women loved us!
We used to practice in bassist Tim Wheeler’s basement. Tim and I have been buds since we were 5 years old and started playing music together at the age of 12 – he’s still my best friend.”

However, despite hooking major interest, it seemed all label eyes were really only on the exceptionally good-looking and talented frontman, owner of a powerful yet melodic voice and penchant for writing ridiculously catchy melodic rock anthems.

Mitch explains: “RCA wanted a different sound, and for me to just be ‘Mitch Malloy’ for marketing reasons. The producer the label hired wanted different guys to play on the record, and over the last few months the label had been putting me with outside writers and that was splitting up the band vibe as well.
I’m sorry I did it on one hand, as it was a fun band and I loved the guys like brothers, but then on the other hand, the Mitch Malloy record that people seem to love so much would never have happened if I hadn’t let them break up the band.
It’s bitter sweet, isn’t it?”

A couple of tracks found here, such as the fantastic layered AOR track “Forever” plenty of classic harmony vocals overload, and the smashing hot-on-the-wheels rocker “Problem Child” were later part of his debut solo album in a slightly or completely different version.

“Malloy 88” is more visceral than Mitch’s first solo CD, with a sound that is the definition of pure Melodic Rock from the second half of the Eighties.
Just check the killer hook laden melodic hard rock in opener “On My Way”, the melodies on “Rodeo Girl” and “She’s Young, She’s Wild” or the awesome ballad “Still In Love”.

“If You Were Mine” is close to melodic rock perfection, the vocal/acoustic guitar intro in “Angeline” builds the song into almost epic proportions, while this original take of “Problem Child” signs the album off in a flurry of guitars, a nice touch of Van Halen-styled rock.

“Malloy 88” is obviously a recording very much of its time delivering twelve very catchy melodic (hard) rock tunes full of magic. Despite the album wasn’t released as the label rejected Malloy ‘as a band’, these are not cheap demos. Production is very good with a crisp sound and mix.
From a ‘rocking perspective‘, we actually prefer this “Malloy 88” to Mitch’s solo debut (which is great in its own right) because “Malloy 88” rocks with edge, it’s crafted from the heart, and bleeds Melodic Rock.
Highly Recommended


01 – On My Way
02 – Rodeo Girl
03 – She’s Young, She’s Wild
04 – If You Were Mine
05 – Still In Love
06 – Forever
07 – Feel Like Falling In Love
08 – Angeline
09 – Ready For Love
10 – Money Can’t Buy Love
11 – Without You
12 – Problem Child

Mitch Malloy: Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Percussion
Mike McConnville: Guitars, Backing Vocals
Tim Wheeler: Bass, Backing Vocals
Phil Richford: Drums
Tistan, Michael Himmel: add. Guitar
Tony Reyes: add. Bass, Guitar
Robert Gorden: add. Drums


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