DAVE RUDE BAND (Tesla) – The Key (2013)

DAVE RUDE BAND (Tesla) - The Key (2013) mp3 download

Since joining the legendary, multi-platinum hard rock act Tesla in early 2006, guitarist Dave Rude have toured the US and overseas countless times with them. But he also pursues a solo career fronting the DAVE RUDE BAND, writing his own songs, singing and of course handling the varied guitar work. “The Key” is his second solo CD, this time with the full ‘band’ name om the cover.
The Dave Rude Band delivers pure, uncompromising American Hard Rock with a bluesy feel and a live vibe. Although Dave is really skilled on the six-strings this is not ‘a guitarist album’, the emphasis is put on the word ‘band’ and real songs. Rude also sings quite well with an abandon-like style inspired by classic rock US vocalists.
Of course, this is guitar driven material but focused and varied, accompanied by a blasting rhythm section machine at charge of the dynamic Marco Guzman & Josh Schmidt.

Opening title track “The Key” rocks with a groovy riff and a power trio sound, where the rhythm guitars creates a sustained layer helped by a deep bass and jammin’ drums. Vocals are groovy as well and the solo really valvular-fueled.
Next, “Yours To Hold” is propelled by crunchy guitars and a chorus inspired in ’80s traditional hard rock and even ’80s US metal. The guitar work and tone are phenomenal, big, in your face. There’s other numbers in this style like the monster “Iron Grip” and the Tesla-like closer “Charlie Mansion”.

But Dave Rude has more tricks in his musical bag: “Afterlife” is a pulsating commercial melodious rocker pumped by a mammoth bass line and a catchy rhythm, “One Night, One Day” adds some funk to the proceedings and the cover of “Sledgehammer” (yes, the Peter Gabriel hit) waves in a Richie Kotzen style, and very well I’d say.
Rude also love acoustics: the compelling “On My Own Again” (featuring Tesla drummer Troy Luccketta as guest) is one of the highlights, a sweet melodic ballad showcasing the best Dave vocals of the entire disc. The other is the feel-good, summer ready “Forgive Her”, an uptempo melodic rocker full of crisp guitars and lullaby choruses.

The overall sound of the Dave Rude Band is one that is immediately familiar yet definitely not retro. “The Key” isn’t a calculated attempt to rip-off the past but instead a result of mixing up a big ol’ vat of classic influences and adding a kickin’ hard rock twist.
Only a couple of tracks have a Tesla smell, the rest of the material is truly Rude-own crafted via hot riffs, melodic solos and a tremendous rhythm section. This band rocks hard with a crunchy delivery and turns into soulful melodies when needed.
“The Key” features a solid set of varied rockers earthly produced, a highly enjoyable CD cranked to 10.
Highly Recommended


01 – The Key
02 – Yours to Hold
03 – Afterlife
04 – On My Own Again (featuring Troy Luccketta)
05 – Iron Grip
06 – Own The Night
07 – Forgive Her
08 – One Night, One Day
09 – Sledgehammer
10 – Charlie Mansion

Dave Rude – Vocals, Guitars
Marco Guzman – Bass
Josh Schmidt – Drums
Troy Luccketta – guest Drums



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