ERIC MARTIN BAND – Sucker For A Pretty Face [Original Sessions including 7 unreleased tracks] (2023) *HQ*

ERIC MARTIN BAND - Sucker For A Pretty Face [Original Sessions including 7 unreleased tracks] (2023) lossless full

The ERIC MARTIN BAND started out in San Francisco, California under the name “415” where they gained a lot of exposure opening for such bands as Y&T, Eddie Money, Heart, Ozzy and Night Ranger. Herbie Herbert who managed Santana and Journey took on “415” and began to manage them. “415” was forced to change their name, due to a record label owning the name.
Eric Martin Band recorded their album ‘Sucker For A Pretty Face’ and soon after were signed to Elektra Records. Elektra wanted the band to re-record the album in Atlanta with their engineers Kevin Elson and Rodney Mills. The Fantasy Studio recordings were set aside, and new renditions of the songs were done for the major label debut.

Now Metallic Blue Records is releasing the original sessions done at Fantasy Studios as “Sucker For A Pretty Face [Original Sessions]“. This CD contains 8 songs that were on the Elektra pressing to “Sucker For A Pretty Face”, but these are different recordings that many of the songs were done with completely different arrangements. The band says that most of the original version of these songs were better than the re-recorded versions.
This album also contains 7 never before released songs and the bonus cover song “Stop In The Name Of Love” that was released as a B-Side single to “Don’t Stop” (which has been included on latter CD pressings).
Remastered, the sound quality of these original sessions is excellent.

Due to controversy between the band’s manager and Elektra, the Eric Martin Band was dropped by the label before their follow-up album could be released (continue to follow Metallic Blue Records for this gem to be released).
John Nymann (Guitar) joined Y&T, Troy Luccketta (Drums) went onto join Tesla, David Jacobsen (Keyboards) joined up with UFO, and Eric Martin helped to form the supergroup Mr. Big.
“Sucker For A Pretty Face [Original Sessions]” is little gem for lovers of early ’80s American melodic hard rock / AOR.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – Sucker For A Pretty Face (Original Sessions)
02 – Don’t Stop (Original Sessions)
03 – Private Life (Original Sessions)
04 – Letting It Out (Original Sessions)
05 – Young At Heart (Original Sessions)
06 – One More Time (Original Sessions)
07 – Catch Me If You Can (Original Sessions)
08 – Love Me (Original Sessions)
09 – Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You (Unreleased)
10 – Love In Question (Unreleased)
11 – Been Around And Back Again (Unreleased)
12 – King Of The Hill (Unreleased)
13 – Love Lines (Unreleased)
14 – Street Dance (Unreleased)
15 – Rock This Town (Unreleased)
16 – Stop In The Name Of Love (Unreleased)

Eric Martin – Lead Vocals, Piano
John Nymann – Guitar, Backing Vocals, Keyboards
Mark Ross – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Tom Duke – Bass, Backing Vocals
David Jacobson – Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Troy Luccketta – Drums



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