EVERDAWN – Venera (2023)

EVERDAWN - Venera (2023) - full

New Jersey based female fronted symphonic metal band EVERDAWN was founded in 2014 under the moniker Midnight Eternal, releasing their debut album two yeas after via Marquee/Avalon (Asia) and Inner Wound Recordings (Europe/North America) and dupporting Queensryche on their European tour
After a few changes in the line-up and the inclusion of the amazing voice of the young and very talented singer Alina Gavrilenko – who brought a full-blown energetic vocal approach into the new songs of the band – the name was changed into EVERDAWN, to signal a fresh beginning.
In the spring of 2020, EVERDAWN inked a worldwide deal with the US-based record label Sensory, who was blown away by the high-level performance of the band for the release of the 2nd album of the New Jersians.

Last year, the band went on a sold-out European tour as sole support band for worldwide acclaimed guitar virtuoso Michael Schenker, while also writing their new opus “Venera“, which was recorded, mixed and mastered during the fall of 2022 by Jacob Hansen (Amaranthe, Pretty Maids) and will be released by Frontiers Music December 8th.
The melodic style of the band is unmistakable. With strong guitar work, soaring solos, and a truly unique voice, EVERDAWN is proving that they are a band to be reckoned with.
Highly Recommended


01 – Cassiopeia
02 – Century Black
03 – Silver Lining
04 – Karmic Partner
05 – Northern Star
06 – Justify the Means
07 – The Promise
08 – Crimson Dusk and Silver Dawn
09 – Venera
10 – Orion’s Belt
11 – Images Everlasting
12 – Samsara
13 – Truer Words Ever Spoken
14 – Beneath the Well

Alina Gavrilenko – vocals
Richard Fischer – guitars
Alan D’Angelo – bass
Dan Prestup – drums
Boris Zaks – keyboards


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