OUTSIDE EDGE – Call Me [Japan AOR Moon Collector’s CD] *0dayrox Exclusive*

OUTSIDE EDGE - Call Me [Japan AOR Moon Collector's CD] *Exclusive* - full

Completing the OUTSIDE EDGE requests, here’s the unreleased recordings known among fans as “Call Me“.
Formerly known as Blackfoot Sue and Liner, this Birmingham based band switched to the name Outside Edge in 1984 to pursue an AOR direction. This is a collection of tracks recorded some time around 1990-1991.
Despite what fans believe, this is not Outside Edge, but rather the line-up which would go on to become the reformed Blackfoot Sue in the Nineties: Tom, David & Gary Farmer and Steve Turner.
Anyway, former Outside Edge keyboardist Pete Giles play a lot here, so taking this well recorded & arranged 12-track recording as “Outside Edge” isn’t that wrong after all.

OUTSIDE EDGE - Call Me [Japan AOR Moon Collector's CD] *0dayrox Exclusive* back cover

These tracks were supplied as a demo tape to a record company, and have subsequently ended up in the public arena. Mostly of the songs are ultra catchy, with great choruses, tons of keys, strong melodies and layered backing vocals, a little gem for late ’80s AOR fans.
This is not the copy circulating the net, this is the CD made by the now legendary Japanese “AOR Moon Collector’s” bootleg crew, with a much better sound quality.

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1 – With a kiss
2 – Time won’t wait
3 – Heat of the moment
4 – Shout it to the world
5 – Ghost in your heart
6 – Losing control
7 – Drowning in the teardrop
8 – Ready for love
9 – Burn the house down
10 – House of love
11 – Call me
12 – Hot touch

Tom Farmer – Vocals, Bass
Dave Farmer – Drums, Vocals
Pete Giles – Keyboards
Gary Farmer – Guitar
Steve Turner – Guitar


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