JOJO – Jojo [YesterRock remaster +6]

JOJO - Jojo [YesterRock remaster +6] full

One of the best reissues / remasters in YesterRock Records existence is without a doubt Germans’ JOJO self-titled album. For many years out of print this great AOR album was finally remastered, including 6 juicy bonus tracks.
After the split of Tokyo (another fine band featured here on the blog) in 1985, leader Robby Musenbichler founded this new band, JOJO. Next to a new line-up, this change also meant an enhanced sound compared to his previous projects.
JOJO worked with three different powerhouse lead singers for this album; Robby Musenbichler, Roko Kohlmeyer and George Liszt resulting in a varied, highly harmonized vocal heaven. The bass was handled by Ken Taylor (ex TOKYO) and the keyboards by Lothar Krell (also ex TOKYO). None other than the incredible Curt Cress (SAGA) was in charge for the drums.

First, Robby recorded two singles with established producer Frank Farian (FAR CORPORATION). Both were pretty successful, then JOJO entered into the studio for the full length debut, produced by Eddy Offort.
Jojo’s sound covers the same territories of bands such as TOTO, DOMINOE, CRAAFT, JOURNEY, and of course TOKYO… so read; catchy choruses, melodic refrains and a bouncy rhythm.

Described as the German TOTO at the time, that is not a bad comparison although with a classic ’80s German sound.
After the superb opening track ‘Extasy’, all the following numbers are strong enough to keep the interest of your AORish ears.
The video for the melodic ‘Woman’s Touch’ received strong airplay on MTV, ‘Diana’, the prime AOR of ‘Hold Back The Night’, ‘The First Will Be The Last’, the moving ‘I Can Wait’, ‘Runnin’ Through The Night’… all are excellent.

JOJO - Jojo [YesterRock remaster +6] back

If the remastering job is outstanding, so are the quality bonus tracks featured in this YesterRock reissue. The 6 cuts (including a remix) are on par with the main album finest numbers.
Polished, highly melodic, harmony-rich AOR is what you’ll find aplenty here.
Excellent ’80s stuff


01 – Extasy
02 – The First Will Be The Last
03 – I Can Wait
04 – Woman’s Touch
05 – Running Thru’ The Night
06 – Diana
07 – So Long
08 – Hold Back The Night
09 – Love Is Like Water
10 – Water To Wine
11 – Remember Me
12 – Let’s Rock The Shelter
13 – You Can Fly
14 – Call Me Now [feat. Mr. Voice]
15 – How Does It Feel
16 – Extasy [remix]
17 – Stand Together

Robby Musenbichler – vocals
Roko Kohlmeyer – vocals
George Liszt – vocals
Lothar Krell – keyboards
Ken Taylor – bass
Curt Cress – drums


out of print

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  1. dj-biomassa says:

    I have never heard of this project before. The music they have is absolutely wonderful! It is a pity that only 1 album. Thank you very much!

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