ANDRY – Skies (2024)


Andry Lagiou, frontwoman of The Harps and requested singer who has recorded on many albums (just to name a few, Mike LePond’s Silent Assasins – Frontiers Records- , Vivaldi Metal Project’s ‘EpiClassica’) has launched her solo career.
Under the name ANDRY, her debut album ”Skies” features first rate session musicians; Billy Sheehan (Mr. Big, Winery Dogs, David Lee Roth), Mike Lepond (Symphony X), Russell Gilbrook (Uriah Heep) and Stephen Platt (Devin Townsend), being mixed by wizard Jay Ruston (Anthrax, Winery Dogs, Steel Panther).
ANDRY is a versatile artist with impressive vocal range – powerful when needed and subtle at the right moments.
From the very beginning of ”Skies” it’s evident that ANDRY pays homage to the heavy metal legends while boldly carving out her own unique path. With a masterful blend of powerful instrumentals and a distinctive vocal style, “Skies” is full of classic melodic metal with a modern sound.
ANDRY‘s touch is everywhere, heavy songs with razor clean guitars and a big rhythm section, and there’s room for a wonderful ballad, “My Love”, that could convince even the most skeptical listener.

Andry is much more than just a singer… songwriter, guitar player, coach. From the interesting melodies of “Mistress Of The Night” to the more oriental inspiration of “Black Hole” (which is a brilliant addition) to the passionate and touching “Olive Tree”, ANDRY weaves together the best elements of metal’s illustrious past, infusing each track with a sense of familiarity and excitement. There is truly something for everyone.

ANDRY‘s vocals, of course, steal the spotlight, offering a combination of the traditional metal vocal stylings. Her voice is a force to be reckoned with, delivering both raw power and melodic finesse. The juxtaposition of her unique singing style against the backdrop of heavy, electrifying instrumentation adds a layer of complexity to each track.

The production, mixing and mastering quality is very good, allowing the intricate details of each instrument to shine through while maintaining the intensity and energy that define the genre. The album’s pacing is nicely executed, with moments of frenetic energy balanced by more contemplative and midpaced songs.

For a debut album, ANDRY is surely on the right way. It’s evident that she has not only studied the greats of heavy metal, but also internalized their essence to create something uniquely hers. With “Skies,” ANDRY has announced her solo arrival in the metal scene with a bold and resounding statement.
“Skies” is more than a solid starting point, so if you’re a fan of the icons that shaped the history of melodic metal, you’ll definitely enjoy it.
Highly Recommended


01 – Skies
02 – Mistress of The Night
03 – Do Or Do Not
04 – My Love
05 – Black Hole
06 – Church Bells
07 – Olive Tree
08 – Good Trip To Hell
09 – White Sunday

Andry (vocals, guitar)
Stephen Platt (guitars)
Mike Lepond (bass)
Billy Sheehan (bass)
Russel Gilbrook (drums)
Gerald Peter (keys)
Ivan Keller (guitar)
Hans in ’t Zandt (drums)
Robin van der Bor (bass)
Fab Jablonski (keys)



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