RICK MILLER – One Of The Many (2024)

RICK MILLER - One Of The Many (2024) - full

There are progressive artists out there who have been making music for what seems like forever. For some reason, they have never really garnered the support they deserve, though. Canada’s RICK MILLER has been making music since 1983, or even before. He was only active in bursts for some time, but truly began consistent releases back in 2000. Since that year, he has released 14 albums.
He openly cites the atmospheric, melodic, accessible side of progressive rock, such as ’80s Gilmour-Pink Floyd, The Moody Blues, and Alan Parsons. He indeed sets out to make music in that vein, and he does it very well.
Mr Miller is new album is always welcomed with high fives, and that’s the case with his brand new 2024 offering “One Of The Many“, where melody, melody and more melody is his signature tune.

Rick plays a progressive rock that feels ’80s, captivating, and somewhat melancholy. He is especially good at sauntering beats, epic and emotional guitar solos, and searing synth solos. You will also find that he loves flute, and so many songs are led by eerie flute passages and melodies.
I would also mention that his vocal style reminds me of Steve Hackett’s harmonizing style, much more comfortable floating around the music than leading it. His guitar sound, too, sounds like Hackett’s at times, only with the more emotional side of Gilmour mixed in for good measure.
At places, there’s wide instrumentation inspired by Alan Parsons, Rick even uses musicians performing actual cellos, violins, etc.

Rick Miller is far more than the sum of his influences, though. While these influences are worn on his sleeve, his music doesn’t really resemble any of theirs when it comes to the writing and overall effect.
With “One Of The Many”, Rick doesn’t break any molds or try any new genres. No, this album is simply excellent songwriting, fantastic instrumentation, and undeniable atmosphere. The album highlights are many. Every track has its place and feels great, a piece of work more enjoyable if you listen to it complete.

“One Of The Many” is a diverse, consistent album. I’m just not sure how Miller maintains such high quality, with this new album being one of the best we’ve heard from him. Each song on this album feels important and well executed, and there are moments where I simply close my eyes and allow Rick’s signature sounds to wash over my mind; that is the type of album we have here.
Highly Recommended


01 – Atrophy
02 – Time Goes On
03 – The Lost Years
04 – She Of The Darkness
05 – One Of The Many
06 – Perchance To Dream
07 – Wonderlust
08 – Another Time

Rick Miller: Vocals, all instruments
Barry Haggarty: Guitars
Kane Miller: Acoustic Guitar, Violin
Will: Drums, Percussion
Sarah Young, Giulia Cacciavillian: Flute
Mateusz Swoboda, Artem Litovchenko: Cello


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