CUTTING CREW – All For You : The Virgin Years 1986-1992 [Cherry Red 3CD Box Set] (2024) *HQ*

CUTTING CREW - All For You : The Virgin Years 1986-1992 [Cherry Red 3CD Box Set] (2024) *HQ* - full

Featuring 52 tracks over 3 CDs, Cherry Red Records is releasing the definitive CUTTING CREW collection: ” All For You : The Virgin Years 1986-1992“, a box-set containing the three studio albums Cutting Crew recorded between 1986 and 1992, the Grammy nominated debut, ‘Broadcast’ (1986), acclaimed follow up, ‘The Scattering’ (1989), and the ripe for rediscovery, ‘Compus Mentus’ (1992), plus no less than 18 B-sides, remixes and demos.
Cutting Crew frontman Nick Van Eede has opened his archives to contribute five demos to the set, including two previously unreleased – ‘Open Up Your Window’ and a cover of Simon Dupree And The Big Sound’s ‘Kites’.
It’s been Cutting Crew’s fate to be primarily remembered for their enormous, multi-million selling international hit ‘(I Just) Died In Your Arms’, and that’s here in two versions, but this box set shows that there’s much more to the band, whose driving pop-rock is defined by strong songwriting, Van Eede’s soulful vocals and Kevin MacMichael’s elegant lead guitar.
Van Eede, who still leads Cutting Crew today, has been newly interviewed for the complete box set booklet.

USA took Cutting Crew to their hearts and ‘(I Just) Died In Your Arms’ topped the Billboard chart, ‘I’ve Been In Love Before’ reached #9 and the album ‘Broadcast’ peaked at #16, going gold. In the UK ‘(I Just) Died In Your Arms’ was a #4 smash hit, with similar scores around the world.

All four singles from ‘Broadcast’ are also presented as extended remixes originally issued on 12” singles including the much loved 12” mix of ‘(I Just) Died In Your Arms’ and Arthur Baker’s remix and dub of ‘Any Colour’.
There’s very good extras / bonus augmenting the very good second album 1989’s ‘The Scattering (what a great year), plus the underrated third effort 1992’s ‘Compus Mentus’, an album you’ll enjoy and adds 7 bonus tracks.

A must for ’80s music fans.


DISC ONE : Broadcast (1986) remastered +5
1 Any Colour
2 One For The Mockingbird
3 I’ve Been In Love Before
4 Life In A Dangerous Time
5 Fear Of Falling
6 (I Just) Died In Your Arms
7 Don’t Look Back
8 Sahara
9 It Shouldn’t Take Too Long
10 The Broadcast
B-Sides & Remixes:
11 For The Longest Time
12 I Just Died In Your Arms (12” Remix)
13 I’ve Been In Love Before (Extended)
14 One For The Mockingbird (Extended Remix)
15 Any Colour (Arthur Baker Remix)


DISC TWO : The Scattering (1989) remastered +6
1 Year In The Wilderness
2 The Scattering
3 Big Noise
4 Everything But My Pride
5 Handcuffs For Houdini
6 (Between A) Rock And A Hard Place
7 Tip Of Your Tongue
8 Reach For The Sky
9 The Last Thing
10 Feel The Wedge
11 Binkies Return (Instrumental)
12 Brag
B-Sides & Demos:
13 Christians
14 Card House (Live)
15 Contact High
16 More Than A Dream (Demo)
17 Into The Night (Demo)
18 No Secrets (Demo)


DISC THREE : Compus Mentus (1992) remastered +7
1 No Bad Thing
2 (Another One Of My) Big Ideas
3 Frigid As England
4 Julie Don’t Dance
5 If That’s The Way You Want It
6 Need Someone
7 Your Guess Is As Good As Mine
8 Ricochet
9 Sweet Auburn
10 Crooked Mile
11 Don’t Let It Bring You Down
12 All The Way In
B-Sides, Remixes & Demos:
13 Been In Luv (92)
14 Everything But My Pride (92 Remix)
15 Open Up Your Window (Demo)
16 Mirror And A Blade (Live)
17 One For The Mockingbird (Shelly Yakus US Remix)
18 Any Colour (Dub)
19 Kites (Demo)


Nick Van Eede – lead vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboards
Kevin MacMichael – lead guitar, E-mu Emulator, backing vocals
Colin Farley – bass, pianos, backing vocals
Martin ‘Frosty’ Beedle – drums, percussion, backing vocals



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