BUCKCHERRY – Vol. 10 (2023) *HQ*

BUCKCHERRY - Vol. 10 (2023) *HQ* - lossless full

Californian rockers BUCKCHERRY will release their tenth studio album, the properly titled “Vol. 10“, on June 2. The 11-song LP features 10 new BUCKCHERRY originals and, as a bonus track, a cover of the Bryan Adams classic ’80s song “Summer Of 69″. The album was produced by expert Marti Frederiksen.
Josh Todd and crew have been on a steady upwards trajectory ever since they disbanded and rejoined back in 2005. But since rejoined they have went from strength to strength with a history built on brilliant songs and amazing live shows. This new album is no different and the songs will add greatly to their live set.
The platter opens with “This and That” and an Adam and the Ants drum click and Todd pulling off his best Southern vocals before kicking into one hell of a catchy tune. It makes me think of classic Extreme from the ’80s, funk, rhythm and balls.

A full on heavy assed riff blasts your ears as “Good Time” kicks in and this one has a swagger all of its own and this song describes the boys live. It is what they are all about and the guitar work is sublime.

It is balls to the wall time for “Keep on Fighting”. This is a frantic slice of punk with attitude and a chip on its shoulder the size of a meteor and again the guitars are killer. “Turn it On” has that Buckcherry sleaze, it has that early GnR fuck you mentality and bop. Stevie D has really worked his ass off on this record and he shines throughout.

It is time to slow it down on “Feels like Love” and lets face it Buckcherry know how to do a ballad and this really does have its toes dipped in the 80s water. For some strange reason I even got a Simple Minds feel but this is the boys firing on all the MTV cylinders.

“One and Only” starts with a multitude of influences before settling on that angry punk vibe with chugging guitars and ear worm choruses. This was an eclectic winner for me. A bit left field but joyously different. On “Shine Your Light” we go for a straight out rocker, the chugging guitars are back, the vocals straight forward and grabbing your attention. Another worthy Buckcherry track to add to the discography.

With a title like “Let’s get Wild” you know what to expect. It is that 80s sort of number that builds like the best nights out you can (sometimes) remember. This is a cranked up to 11 road trip number that should only be played at top volume with you screaming at the top of your voice.

Is it time for some Scorpions? “With You” opens like “The Zoo” on steroids and is one of the most powerful numbers on Vol 10. It will start with your toe tapping and ends up with a full on head bang as this song grows to its unforgettable chorus. This is a complete banger of a tune. Ballad number two in “Pain” and this is soaked in heartache and wrong decisions. A really touching song that almost everyone who hears it will resonate with. This is an epic number from start to finish and builds to a cracking crescendo that pulls on your heartstrings.

The album finishes on a cover of “Summer of ‘69” and this is always a hard one to pull off as for so many it is embedded in our psyche. Us older folks lived and breathed that number and to this day although we rarely play it when we hear it we know it word for word and purely for that I have to say this is the weakest track on the album. I would be happy to hear this live but with the quality of the songs on this album I would rather have had another original.

”Vol. 10” is another step forward for Buckcherry. It is a very solid album and I know this will grow on me even more as I keep listening to it and the tracks will be great live. This band has earned its place in the rock world and long may that continue.
Highly Recommended


01 – This and That
02 – Good Time
03 – Keep on Fighting
04 – Turn It On
05 – Feels Like Love
06 – One and Only
07 – Shine Your Light
08 – Let’s Get Wild
09 – With You
10 – Pain
11 – Summer of ’69 (bonus track)

Josh Todd – lead vocals
Stevie D. – guitar, backing vocals
Billy Rowe – guitar, backing vocals
Kelly LeMieux – bass
Francis Ruiz – drums


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