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The LIPZ saga, steered by the visionary Klintberg brothers, Alexander (vocals, guitar) and Koffe (drums), alongside guitarist Conny Svärd, has entered a new chapter. Originating in 2011, the band’s evolution took an unexpected twist when Alexander assumed the role of frontman, becoming the catalyst for their distinctive glamorous sound.
Solidifying their lineup, LIPZ released their debut single, “Ghost Town,” in September 2012, followed by the EP “Psycho” three years later. The pursuit of a stable bass player added a unique chapter, resulting in a three-year journey to complete their debut album. Undeterred, Alexander undertook bass duties, underscoring the band’s unwavering commitment to their music.
In a major move for the band, in 2023 LIPZ joined forces with Frontiers Music, marking a pivotal moment in their journey. Now it’s the time for the release of their highly anticipated sophomore album, “Changing The Melody“, a sonic voyage encapsulating the spirit of glam hard rock with a contemporary twist.

Lipz play it straight, walking a high wire between glammy hard rock, AOR and Pop metal, doing their best to get the balance just right. Among the standouts, ‘Changing The Melody’, ‘Bang Bang’ and ‘I’m Alive’ just crackle with kinetic energy, bringing together all of the band’s derivative rock strengths in a pulsing mix of stomping hooks and rhythmic hard edged Pop.
The inevitable ballad, ‘Freak’ has every Boyband ever’s fingerprints all over it, Alex K Klintberg’s androgynous vocals are a perfect fit. This truly is an outstanding slice of hard edged Pop-rock, showing great imagination in an arrangement that slows the music down then speeds it up as the mood changes.
Another poppy glam ballad, ‘I Would Die For You’ is maybe a bit too saccharine for the image the band is attempting to create, despite its explosive chorus.

The album ends on a real high. ‘Monsterz’ has a sturdy, muscular melody, worked up into a strong Pop/AOR song with surprisingly perceptive, grown up lyrics, despite the song title spelling.
Lipz is a young band with a driving, infectious energy. On “Changing The Melody” not every song reaches escape velocity, but the ones that make it are worthy of our attention.
Highly Recommended


01 – I’m Going Under
02 – Changing The Melody
03 – Bang Bang
04 – Stop Talking About Nothing
05 – Bye Bye Beautiful
06 – I’m Alive
07 – Freak
08 – Secret Lover
09 – I Would Die For You
10 – Monsterz

Alexander Klintberg (Alex K Klintberg) – Lead vox/guitar
Conny Svärd – Guitar/backing vox
Koffe Klintberg (Koffe K Klintberg) – Drums/backing vox
Chris Young – Bass/backing Vox


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