CAVE – Out Of The Cave (2024) *HQ*

CAVE - Out Of The Cave (2024) *HQ* - full

CAVE from Ludwigsburg is a new band consisting of experienced and renowned musicians. Guitarist Chris Lorey, known for his work with the progressive metal bands IVANHOE and SCENES, had the vision of an old-school hard ‘n heavy / hard rock band with progressive elements and a modern, contemporary production.
Chris had several extended sessions with musician friends. At some point bass player Roberto Palacios (CHINCHILLA, MY DARKEST HATE, GOBLINS BLADE) joined the band and after some jams it was clear that these songs had to be recorded and released properly.
An old band colleague of Roberto’s, drummer Steffen Theurer (ex-SYMPHORCE), was recruited to record the drums in the studio. Since Roberto knows ex-TSO, ex-METAL CHURCH singer Ronny Munroe from back in the day, they decided to ask him. Ronny has one of the most unique voices in hard rock and metal today.
After listening to the demos, Ronny Munroe immediately decided to join the band, and performs the entire CAVE debut album “Out Of The Cave“, a mix of traditional melodic hard rock / metal with slightly progressive influences that will delight all fans from QUEENSRYCHE to ’90s VAN HALEN and from SAVATAGE to MASTERPLAN.

The name of the band comes from Chris’ basement studio, often dubbed a cave, where music was created over the years in sprawling jam sessions. After Steffen Theurer recorded the drums, it was clear that he would only play on the album because he is more than busy with his own band. Chris Schwinn has been recruited as live drummer, ‘cos CAVE will be out on tour next summer.

Where ”Out Of The Cave” really shines is in the technical. It’s as crisp and bright as hard rock / metal gets, hardly an imitation of an old school hallmark in terms of sound. Take Screaming For A Savior, where every single instrument is as punchy as if they were being played solo, but it all coalesces to a mass of collective prowess.
Even the slow ballald Like A True Father scores points for composition, even if they don’t make up the points lost for it being the audio equivalent of a gruesomely sentimental greeting card.
The Gold Crown is very melodic, midtempo, and progressive. Then the guitar crunch midway, and the band rocks, bringing to mind REECE (the band) meets QUEENSRYCHE circa 1990.

With a bright production, polished but punchy, “Out Of The Cave” rocks hard, and it’s always a pleasure to listen to Ronny Munroe.
Highly Recommended


01 – Rat in a Hole
02 – Hero
03 – Screaming for a Saviour
04 – Send for My Soul
05 – Blinded
06 – Against the Fray
07 – Like a True Father
08 – Sizzling Seas
09 – New Found King
10 – The Gold Crown
11 – Deep Menagerie

Ronny Munroe (vocals)
Chris Lorey (guitar, vocals)
Roberto Palacios (bass, vocals)
Steffen Theurer, Chris Schwinn (drums)


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