SUE SAAD AND THE NEXT – Long Way Home (1985/86 unreleased 2nd album) *HQ*

SUE SAAD AND THE NEXT - Long Way Home (unreleased 2nd album) - lossless full

With the SUE SAAD AND THE NEXT reissue album requested here, you’ll enjoy their second, unreleased album that never was. After their debut LP in 1980, the band’s record label decided to extend the contract / deal but use their songwriting talents for movie soundtracks. Sue Saad and The Next music was featured in a half dozen of ’80s movies, and even during the ’90s when the band was already split years after.
But while writing for films, Sue Saad and The Next kept composing songs and recording demos for a possible second full album. That never materialized and the group broke up in 1987.

After years of legal battles, Saad & guitarist/composer Tony Riparetti were finally able to secure the rights to some of their unreleased music from the ’80s, including tracks like “Lunar Madness” from the movie ‘Vicious Lips’ (1986), and release them unde the title ”Long Way Home‘.
These are songs written / recorded 1985-1986, so expect a more AOR / melodic rock sound similar to Fiona, Tahnee Cain, Saraya, etc. Lovable lost songs, well recorded demos with very good sound quality.
Highly Recommended


1 – Talk It Up
2 – Long Way Home
3 – Fell from Grace
4 – Lunar Madness (Vicious Lips soundtrack, unreleased)
5 – Guilty Pleasures
6 – Turn of the Wheel
7 – Cut Thru the Middle
8 – Turn & Walk Away
9 – So Removed

Vocals – Sue Saad
Guitar, Vocals – Tony Riparetti
Guitar – Billy Anstatt
Bass – Bobby Manzer
Drums, Vocals – James Lance



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