DAMIEN – Every Dog Has Its Day ’87 [Lost Realm Records remaster +2] (2021) HQ *Exclusive*

DAMIEN - Every Dog Has Its Day '87 [Lost Realm Records remaster +2] (2021) *HQ* - full

As requested, here’as the reissue on CD (limited to 500 copies and already sold-out) of US metallers DAMIEN debut album, 1987’s “Every Dog Has Its Day”, remastered and including 2 bonus tracks.
U.S. Metal aficionados know well how the great state of Ohio was prolific in excellent bands. This 5-piece from Toledo belong to that elite by their own right. “Every Dog Has Its Day” is undoubtedly among the best underground albums from this genre appeared in the 80s, when it comes to heavy metal made in North America.
However, DAMIEN incorporates to their music a lot of British stylings. The sound is very reminiscent of that of Killing Machine / Hell Bent For Leather -era Judas Priest mixed with many other influences.
This album is a killer, plenty of lethal, biting metal numbers such the title track, “Season Of The Arrow”, midtempo opener “Wolf Dreams” and the commercial, catchy “Possession”. All with a clean, polished production, first class for an indie.
Do you miss classic-era Judas, Ozzy? You’ll be surprised by the quality of “Every Dog Has Its Day”.

Vocalist Randy “Wolf” Mikelson has a great set of pipes for the aggressive nature of the music. The vocals change on a moment’s notice; they can go from a lower register style to a shrill, bloodcurdling shriek that will evoke images of the mighty metal god himself, Rob Halford.
The dual leads will almost certainly evoke images of KK Downing / Glenn Tipton, and at places, Iron Maiden-esque influences.

From the Scorpions-like strut of “Give Me a Sign” with its spiky verse melodies, to the brazen, galloping anthems like “Season of the Arrow”, to even the glorious escalation of the instrumental “Glass City” or its ensuing roadster “Race to the End”, this is pure Eighties.
But probably the most complete track off this record would be the titular “Every Dog Has Its Day”, which screams along like a hybrid of mid-80s Ozzy or Dio and Germans Accept, ‘Wolf’ kicking the listener straight in the balls with his chorus scream; guitarists Chuck Stohl and Fritz Adamshick tearing up the lead bridge with ease while the rhythm section stayed tighter than the spiked collar of the cover mutt.
The band also serves a power ballad, “I Play for You”, but it’s a metal ballad, some kind of a bridge between Motley Crue and Savatage.

The funny thing was that Damien was around a whole seven years before the band earned record label backing – that’s why ‘Every Dog Has Its Day’ songwriting is pretty early ’80s oriented – and even their label, Select Records (who has ever even heard of Select Records?), was not major at all.
But every underdog WILL have it’s day, and that Damien’s debut is worth revisiting for its polish and flair, or visiting for the first time if you’re new to the trad metal and seeking killer songs.

In the end, “Every Dog Has Its Day” holds up surprisingly well, partly due to the care placed in its production and partly because, well, who doesn’t want some steaming 80s metal to stalk the night for ladies, beer and blow?
These men might not have had the ultimate in chops to rival “Fast as a Shark” or “Dr. Feelgood” but they’ll do in a pinch, and along with statesmen Chastain, Breaker and Attaxe, should have brought more accolades upon the underground of the Buckeye State.
It’s never too late, though, and despite a few extensive vacations, the band survives today.
This album is highly recommended for the metal fan who craves the rare and obscure, but also very well composed, performed and produced classic metal.
Highly Recommended


01 – Wolf Dreams
02 – Possession
03 – Serpents Rising
04 – Give Me A Sign
05 – Every Dog Has It’s Day
06 – World Affair
07 – Season Of The Arrow
08 – I Play For You
09 – Glass City
10 – Race To The End
11 – Death March
12 – Fight For Your Life

Randy “Wolf” Mikelson – Vocals
Chuck Stohl – Guitars
Fritz Adamshick – Guitars, Vocals
Kevin Kekes – Bass
Johnny Cappeletty – Drums


Sold Out

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