THE REBEL SAINTS (SWE) – The Rebel Saints (2024) HQ *Exclusive*

THE REBEL SAINTS (SWE) - The Rebel Saints (2024) HQ *Exclusive* - full

A fortuitous twist of fate reignited Swedish musician Thomas Anderberg’s passion for music in 2019. Encouraged by a dare, he agreed to take the stage again, provided Ola Berg would join him on guitar. Their anticipated performance was slated for a company event in the spring of 2020, but the advent of Covid-19 disrupted their plans.
Despite the setback, Thomas and Ola saw an opportunity in the unexpected turn of events. Reflecting on the good times of their early collaborations in the 1990s, they were inspired to revisit and record some of their old songs. The band was named THE REBEL SAINTS, and they are releasing their rocking self-titled debut CD.
With a bright, crisp, crystal clear production “The Rebel Saints” is for those who enjoy classic melodic 70s / 80s traditional melodic hard rock. The album is a mix of old songs written in the 1990s that have never been released, combined with new ones written along the way during a 3-year recording process.
These guys are good, very good.

This collaboration traces its origins back to the early Nineties, maintaining a similar arrangement and workflow since its inception. However, a notable shift from then to now lies in the advent of digital technology, which has revolutionized the creative landscape, enabling the duo to create, perform, and record with unprecedented freedom – and quality.
In the early 1990s, the recording process often involved the use of demotapes on a 4-channel porta studio cassette tape recorder. Publicly releasing music was a considerable challenge unless one was signed to a record label, given the limitations of the era.

According to the band, “Hammerdown” is one of the first songs the duo wrote circa 1991 – and you can tell it’s a hard rocker from that era. Think Damn Yankees, Giant, ’90s Europe, etc. And that’s the core of the material here: timeless melodic hard rock with a polished sound.
“Woman” was originally tailored to complement Ola Berg’s guitar prowess, “Woman” was envisioned as a primarily guitar-driven piece. As the production evolved over the following year, the introduction of keyboards brought a new dimension to the song. Polyphonic strings were incorporated to evoke a nostalgic 80s AOR ambiance, enhancing its sonic landscape. The lyrics resonate with the spirit of some of Thomas and Ola’s early 90s compositions—uncomplicated yet profound, echoing influences from the 70s and 80s, mirroring the simplicity and directness of the music itself.

The project’s essence revolves around a backbone of heavy rock infused with a melodic flair. Its essence is raw and sincere, delivering an unapologetically bold sound. These guy know how to write a good hook, and the recording / production sound million bucks.
Highly Recommended


1 – Heat Is On
2 – Hammerdown
3 – Said And Done
4 – Woman
5 – Rebel Child
6 – Shine A Light On Your Troubled Mind
7 – Wild Hearted
8 – Lost In Time
9 – Live On The Wild Side
10 – Wrong Side Of Town
11 – Right Here, Right Now
12 – Brokenhearted No More

Thomas Anderberg – lead vocals, bass , keyboards, drum programming
Ola Berg – guitars, backing vocals



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