URIAH HEEP – Demons And Wizards [Expanded Deluxe Edition] *HQ*

URIAH HEEP - Demons And Wizards [Expanded Deluxe Edition] *HQ* - full

At 0dayrox we love melodic / hard rock and AOR but also timeless classic rock acts. Some of you have been requesting classic albums in its best versions available. In this case, which URIAH HEEP quintessential LP “Demons And Wizards” is the best release.
This “Demons And Wizards [Expanded Deluxe Edition]” remastered 2003 does the trick, including worthwhile extra tracks. Recently appeared a new remaster, but this one is better, not brickwalled.
Since their formation back in 1969, Uriah Heep have never been hip. Everyone talks about the Unholy Trinity of Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Black Sabbath, but they need to make room for this band. A very influential group in Rock history.
With a line-up that many feel was their strongest, as bassist Gary Thain and drummer Lee Kerslake rounded out the classic core of singer David Byron, guitarist Mick Box and keyboard player Ken Hensley, at the time of this, Heep’s fourth album ‘Demons And Wizards’, the band was at their creative peak, hitting on all cylinders.

Drenched with Ken Hensley’s Hammond organ sounds and articulated by the flamboyant voice of David Byron, ‘The Wizard’, ‘Rainbow Demon’ and the boogie shuffle of ‘Easy Livin’ all became perennial live favorites, but this album’s real strength is its consistency.

‘Circle of Hands’ is another great song and features the dynamics in melody and volume that helped define the signature Heep sound. Other highlights include ‘Traveler in Time’ and the two song suite that ends the record, ‘Paradise’ and ‘The Spell’.
Also “All My Life” as well, as it works as a change of pace on the predominantly progressive second half of this record (Byron is awesome here as he is throughout ‘Demons’).
The bonus tracks on this reissue are very good too, as while these are outtakes, the songs & sound quality is very good. There’s a more recent Expanded Edition of this album but with redundant ‘alternate versions’ you don’t need. Additionally, the main album sounds saturated. We think this 2003 remaster / 2004 release is the best ‘Demons And Wizards’ available on CD.

The reasons why ”Demons And Wizards” became such an important and influential record are totally unmistakable – just play the bloody thing.
Besides enhancing their growing status in the United States, songs like ‘The Wizard’ and ‘Easy Livin” also turned Heep into superstars around the globe, including the UK where it spent 11 weeks, peaking at No.20.

On this album number four Uriah Heep finally had the chemistry of personalities and talent to become a huge band and they did for a time, but it was not to last as some members developed debilitating substance issues and their US success was not maintained as well.
Regardless of the fate of the band’s best line-up or in recognition of their ridiculous productivity in this time period (eight albums in four years), Uriah Heep should have more credit than they have historically received compared to their more celebrated contemporaries.
‘Demons and Wizards’ is proof of that.


01 – The Wizard
02 – Traveller In Time
03 – Easy Livin’
04 – Poet’s Justice
05 – Circle Of Hands
06 – Rainbow Demon
07 – All My Life
08 – Paradise
09 – The Spell
10 – Why [Extended Version]
11 – Rainbow Demon [Single Edit]
12 – Proud Words On A Dusty Shelf [Outtake]
13 – Home Again To You [Demo Version]
14 – Green Eye [Demo Version]

David Byron – lead vocals
Mick Box – guitars
Ken Hensley – keyboards, guitars, percussion, vocals
Lee Kerslake – drums, percussion, backing vocals
Gary Thain – bass guitar
Mark Clarke – bass on “The Wizard”, “Why”, co-lead vocals on “The Wizard”


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  1. Örjan says:

    I’ve wanted this twice before, but I’m trying again now that Uriah Heep is wanted here once again… The box “50 years in rock”. A BIG wish. Possible or impossible?

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