THE RUNAWAY WILD – Wild Night EP (2023)


THE RUNAWAY WILD, the synth rock project around MAGIC DANCE mastermind Jon Siejka released its really interesting self-titled debut album at the beginning of the year. Now he’s releasing “Wild Night“, an EP of new music pushing the sonic landscape of the first album with a darker, more mysterious feel.
The 80s Horror soundtracks atmosphere is all over the new material as happened before, but while on the first album we found a mix of everything from melodic rock to pop-rock and sprinkled with some glam metal on top, “Wild Night” is what the scene calls DarkWave or DarkSynth.
“Wild Night” offers six new songs plus bonus tracks, and works like a horror/slasher filck soundtrack, with Siejka’s vocals sounding more retro than never.
Really fun stuff


01 – He Rises
02 – Wild Night
03 – The Test (feat. Kyla Karnage)
04 – Battle Prep
06 – The Last Ones Left
Bonus tracks:
07 – Undead Lover (feat. Ectoplague)
08 – DARK FORCE ENERGY (Instrumental)

Jon Siejka – vocals, guitars, synths
Luke Anderson – bass
Kevin McAdams – drums



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