LOSTBOYS – Lost And Found (Japanese Edition) *HQ*

LOSTBOYS - Lost And Found (Japanese Edition) *HQ* - full

LOSTBOYS was founded in the late ’80s by charismatic lead vocalist Randy O. right after he left cult metal band Odin. They were one of the most memorable groups from the also cult film ”The Decline Of Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years” (1988). For whatever reason, Odin couldn’t score a record deal despite their popularity in the LA scene.
Featuring future members of Armored Saint and Alcatrazz, LOSTBOYS were much more melodic hard rock oriented than Odin’s metal flare, however the lyrics are pretty dark. Randy ended up landing a record deal with Atlantic Records in 1988, and after some pre-production demos would release LOSTBOYS’ debut CD 1990 titled “Lost & Found”.
Some kind of mix between Cinderella’s Tom Keifer and Brad Sinsel (TKO / War Babies), Randy O. vocals are some kind of acquired taste, but you can’t deny they’re unique. “Lost & Found” sales were decent, but the overcrowded scene that year didn’t helped to get more exposure.

LOSTBOYS were a different beast from the late 80s LA Scene. While the sound production has that polished style from the era and the songs a bluesy melodic mix, “Lost & Found” is a pretty different album than your regular ‘melodic glammy hard rock’ platter.
An interesting band / album for sure.


01 – Cryin’ Out
02 – Right On Track
03 – Lonely Man
04 – Cool Me Down
05 – Seaside Lover
06 – Lost And Found
07 – Flying Free
08 – The Boulevard
09 – In The Middle
10 – Shot Song
11 – Misery

Randy O. – vocals, acoustic guitar
Jeff Duncan – lead guitar, backing vocals
James Tavis – bass, backing vocals
Dorian Matson – drums
Patrick Gainor – rhythm guitar
Steve Mojica – lead guitar on 8



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