MAXX EXPLOSION (House Of Lords members) – Dirty Angels (2015) *HQ*

MAXX EXPLOSION - Dirty Angels (2015) full

After a very well received debut album, American Melodic Rockers MAXX EXPLOSION consisting of House Of Lords members recorded their second, titled “Dirty Angels“, again released via Kivel Records on physical CD only. Maxx Explosion is, if you are new to them, the band put together by House Of Lords musicians Chris McCarvill (bassist who also handles lead vocals here), guitarist Jimi Bell and kick-ass drummer BJ Zampa, under the guidance of Don Dokken.
They made a splash with their 2013 celebrated debut, and the chemistry these three talented musicians showcased on that album is undeniable on “Dirty Angels”, perfected and augmented.

Maxx Explosion’s overall sound hasn’t changed much since the debut; they’re firmly planted in the classic, harder Melodic Rock territory of bands like Dokken, Harem Scarem, AdrianGale, Firehouse and of course House Of Lords. There are some more AOR moments, and some nods to glam / hair metal, but for the most part this is a very straightforward guitar-driven Melodic Hard Rock album.
On “Dirty Angels”, the band feels tighter and more polished than ever. The huge vocal harmonies, especially during the choruses, are the band’s ‘secret weapon’.

Obviously they get a lot of practice with that in House Of Lords, but it’s such a powerful part of the Maxx Explosion sound. Jimi Bell’s melodic hooks were already powerful enough, but when these guys all start singing on top of them the result is on par with Nelson or Harem Scarem’s best moments.
“Doctor Saturday,” “Nothing’s Easy” and the title track are definite highlights, but almost any track you pick from this album is going to knock your socks off.

MAXX EXPLOSION - Dirty Angels (2015) back

If you liked the first Maxx Explosion album or are a fan of these guys’ work in House Of Lords, this is a no-brainer. Get your hands on a copy of “Dirty Angel”s right now.
And if you’re new to the band but enjoy classic-style Melodic Hard Rock with huge vocal harmonies – think Nelson, Harem Scarem and House of Lords – it’s past time you checked out Maxx Explosion, and “Dirty Angels” makes for an unforgettable introduction.


01. Voodoo Moon
02. Doctor Saturday
03. Crazy Hot
04. Over You
05. Nothing’s Easy
06. Ordinary Life
07. All For You
08. Over the Line
09. Impossible
10. Dream Weaver
11. Trigger Happy
12. Fast Enough
13. On the Rise
14. Dirty Angels

Chris McCarvil – lead & backing vocals, bass, keyboards
Jimi Bell – guitars, backing vocals
BJ Zampa – drums, backing vocals



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