MOGG (Sweden) – In And Out Of Love + Unreleased Demos 86-88 *Exclusive*

MOGG (Sweden) - In And Out Of Love + Demos 86-88 - full

After our recent post ‘Most Wanted Scandi AOR Singles Ever’ featuring Scandinavian AOR / Melodic Rock bands from the ’80s whom only got the chance to record / release singles, one of you asked for another band not included into the compilation: MOGG.
MOGG formed in the early Eighties, and as most Rock acts from the era were influenced by the British metal / hard rock scene, and later developed a distinctive Swedish sound for the genre. Mogg recorded a demo tape in 1986, followed by a two-sided 7″ single on Air Music Scandinavia AB. A new demo was recorded in 1988, and while Mogg amassed a considerable fan base, all members went into other bands, such as Striptease.
Led vocalist Johnny Lindquist got a successful career as frontman of Nocturnal Rites, and recently into awesome AOR project Gathering Of Kings.

As requested, here’s all MOGG recordings, their only official 7” single 1987’s “In And Out Of Love“, and the complete 1986 & 1988 tapes.
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In And Out Of Love 7″ 1987:
A – In And Out Of Love
B – Please Don’t Call
Demos 1986:
01 – Shout
02 – Power
03 – I Don’t Need You
04 – Lay Down
Demos 1988:
01 – Shock Treatment
02 – Comin’ Home
03 – All American
04 – 10 Days Out
05 – The Rain Keeps Falling
06 – Rock Doctor
07 – Friday Night

Vocals – Johnny Lindquist
Guitar, Keyboards – Thomas Carfors
Bass – Björn Melander
Drums – Jonas Östman


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