YNGWIE MALMSTEEN – Eclipse [Japan SHM-CD remastered +1] Out Of Print *HQ*

YNGWIE MALMSTEEN - Eclipse [Japan SHM-CD remastered MiniLP] Out Of Print - full

The best, most celebrated ’80s albums from the mighty YNGWIE MALMSTEEN have been requested here in its Japanese remastered versions pressed on high quality SHM-CD. All these cardboard sleeve MiniLP replica releases are out of print now. Here’s a classic; “Eclipse“.
After the great work that was previous studio album Odyssey, Yngwie become a rock star and toured world-wide playing at major venues. 1990 found Yngwie Malmsteen dissolving the Rising Force moniker and releasing this, his fifth album “Eclipse” as solo artist as seen in the cover. Solo or whatever, Yngwie again put together a fantastic group of very talented Swedes to back him on this release, and it’s quite a fitting follow up from ‘Odyssey’ and expands on it.
Yeah, here we discovered the immense talent of vocalist Göran Edman.

There’s certainly a lot of radio friendly / melodic hard rock stuff here: “Making Love” has all the makings of a sleeper hit and the ‘flower power’ video that accompanied it seems quite fit for public consumption, as it the catchy “What Do You Want”, setting the tone for the rest of the album.
However there’s still room for a heavier approach in “See You in Hell”, a track with flourishes of Yngwie’s first two albums. Of course Edman can sing both the melodic and heavy stuff with ease.

‘Eclipse’, the instrumental title track, is an absolute winner and one of the best instrumentals he’s ever composed in my humble opinion. It packages up an album that has a distinct ebb and flow to it, and there are a few other tracks worth note as well (among them being ‘Fault Line’, a real gem of a track in the Malmsteen catalog).
Of course, the requisite Ritchie Blackmore derivative is here, so you can’t listen to ‘Demon Driver’ and Deep Purple’s Dead Or Alive back to back without hearing essentially the same song. But Yngwie and the band sonically paint the track with late ’80s feel, and I love it.

“Eclipse” is one of my favorite Yngwie Malmsteen albums, perhaps the more balanced mixing melodic hard rockers with heavy tracks and featuring the superb Göran Edman vocals.
When compared to Malmsteen albums as of late, “Eclipse” is a great throwback to a time when Yngwie was still very concerned about writing good, solid songs to follow his guitar work and the emphasis was on the former rather than the latter.

YNGWIE MALMSTEEN - Eclipse [Japan SHM-CD remastered MiniLP] back

Sonically, it’s the one from the guitarist golden era that better resisted the test of time production-wise, and this remaster enhance even more its brightness.
Highly Recommended


Y N G W I E   M A L M S T E E N 『 エクリプス 』

01 – Making Love
02 – Bedroom Eyes
03 – Save Our Love
04 – Motherless Child
05 – Devil In Disguise
06 – Judas
07 – What Do You Want
08 – Demon Driver
09 – Faultline
10 – See You In Hell (Dont’ Be Late)
11 – Eclipse
Bonus Track For Japan:
12 – Making Love (Extended Guitar Solo)

Göran Edman – lead vocals
Mats Olausson – keyboard, background vocals
Michael Von Knorring – drums
Svante Henryson – bass, background vocals
Yngwie Malmsteen – guitar, guitar synthesizer, Moog Taurus, background vocals


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