LEGACY – Legacy (2010)

The band’s creation began on September 17, 1987, in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. Eric Adams, a youth minister, felt called to build and manage a band that could not only rock your face off, but share the love of God while doing so.
With John Rice, Matt Rice, and Matt Reedy already on board, Eric reached out to Fred Blanchard, the younger brother of a friend of his, wondering if he knew of any singers seeking work.
As divine providence would have it, Fred’s band had just broken up that day, so he and Doug Meacham were both available to join.

Undecided on a name, the band fluctuated between Xristas, Threshold, and Cross as they strived to learn the songs and mesh their individual talents into one smooth, all-cylinders-cranking metal machine.
But before they actually played any gigs, Matt Reedy left the fold and Blanchard enlisted his friend John Jenkins as a replacement.
With this infusion of fresh blood also came a new band name: Legacy.

Claiming Columbus, Ohio as their home and citing bands like Stryper, Dokken, and Scorpions as influences, Legacy launched themselves into the live circuit, carrying their baggage of heavy guitars, thunderous rhythms, melodic hooks and layered harmonies.
The band opened for several Christian rock legends, including REZ, Shout, Sacred Warrior, Mylon Lefevre & Broken Heart, and Allies.

Legacy’s star seemed to be on a meteoric rise. They garnered praise wherever they went.
They were featured in CCM Magazine and Heaven’s Metal Magazine.
Their singles appeared on compilations from Pure Metal and Star Song Records.
They were on the brink of being signed by a major Christian label.
But then it all unraveled.
Matt left the band to pursue alternate ministries; Fred departed soon after. Within a year, the band experienced a string of personnel pains, and before a new incarnation could be solidified, grunge steam-rolled onto the scene and the radical shift in the musical winds shattered any chance Legacy might have had at wider success.

The band may someday squeeze a small reunion and possibly even crank out some new music.
Meanwhile, enjoy all their ’80s-’90s recordings, re-issued & remastered.

1 – Salvation Is Law
2 – It’s Real
3 – Cross The Line
4 – Forever In Your Arms
5 – Don’t Run Away
6 – Red, White, And Blue
7 – Change Of A Broken Heart
8 – Comin’ Along
9 – Soldiers Unite
10 – One Way Or The Other
11 – Live It
12 – What A World
13 – Model Citizen
14 – Vision Of Perfection

Doug Meacham – Lead Vocals
Fred Blanchard – Lead & Rhythm Guitars
John Jenkins – Drums
John Rice – Bass Guitar
Matt Rice – Lead & Rhythm Guitars


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