WICKED SENSATION – Crystallized (2010)

WICKED SENSATION are back after six years! And this time with their original singer Robert Soeterboek back on board.
Also in this album we find the mighty producer/bassist Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69, Place Vendome) and Dirk Bruinenberg on drums.
So with such a strong line-up like this the expectations from “Crystallized” are higher than ever.

I really like their debut album, it was a nice piece of melodic hard rock album in the vain of a harder edition of Whitesnake or somewhere between Gotthard, Frontline and Shylock.
Their second one with Fernando Garcia on vocals was a good one too.
So, in this one the boys are back to the sound of their first album with some really strong melodies, very good guitar work, melodies that stick in your mind from the first spin.
Robert Soeterboek’s voice is the strong point of this band, reminds me of the great David Coverdale!

The album also includes a guest appearance by no other than HELLOWEEN’s singer Andi Deris.
With the high potential hit record “MY TURN TO FLY”, Deris together with Robert gives this song a “certain something” to let this one for sure become a catchy hit track.
Even Dutch guitarist Arjen Lucassen (AYREON, STAR ONE) involved himself to give the album a real rock classic with “GIMME THE NIGHT”, as well as keyboarder Eric Ragno (GRAHAM BONNET) contributed keys on “GIVE IT UP”.

“CRYSTALLIZED” impresses with a variety of first class songs, which definitely have a convincing impact.
Due to the distinctive guitar playing and songwriting of Michael Klein together as a team with Robert Soeterboek and Dennis Ward, this new WICKED SENSATION album will most certainly be the surprise of 2010!

01 – Better World
02 – My Turn To Fly (feat. Andi Deris)
03 – Fistful Of Dreams
04 – Give It Up (feat. Eric Ragno)
05 – Lost In A World
06 – Love To Play
07 – Gimme The Night
08 – Am I Right
09 – Lonely Is The Night
10 – Ordinary Man
11 – The Love I Used To Know
12 – Running Through Your Veins
13 – Bleeding Hearts

Robert Soeterboek – vocals
Michael Klein – guitars
Bernd Spitzner – keyboards
Dennis Ward – bass
Dirk Bruinenberg – drums
Eric Ragno – keyboards on “Give It Up”
Andi Deris – vocals on “My Turn To Fly”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Have previous albums which are fantastic but this is their crowning glory, can't stop playing it. Robert Soeterboek and Andi Deris are stunning on My Turn To Fly… a 2010 must have album, great guitar work too by Arjen Lucassen on Gimme night 10/10!

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks man for post, great album.

  4. Dex1138 says:

    Fantastic album, thanks for the recommend. Definitely going to check out the back catalog.

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