WICKED SENSATION (feat. David Reece) – Outbreak (2021)

WICKED SENSATION (feat. David Reece) - Outbreak (2021) full

German melodic hard rockers WICKED SENSATION are armed and ready to ‘break out’ and to take the next step with their new album ”Outbreak”. For this new CD, founding guitarists Michael Klein and Sang Vong joined forces again with singer David Reece (ex- Accept) to work on the songwriting for their fifth album, and while on the band’s previous album the band choose to divide the vocal parts among several singers, on ”Outbreak” Reece is handling all the vocal duties.
Wicked Sensation’s long-time producer and friend Dennis Ward mixed & mastered so expect a clean punchy sound, and talented Gus G. (Firewind, ex-Ozzy) guests on one song with a jaw-dropping solo.


01 – Mission Timewalker
02 – Starbreaker
03 – Child of Sorrow
04 – Light in the Dark (feat. Gus G.)
05 – Satisfy Temptation
06 – Breaking Away
07 – Face Reality
08 – Hide Away
09 – Jaded Lady
10 – Step into the Light
11 – Tomorrow

David Reece – lead and backing vocals
Michael Klein, Sang Vong – guitars
Martin Mannhardt – bass
Bernd Spitzner – keys
Björn Gref – drums
Gus G. – guest solo


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