JYRKI 69 – American Vampire (2021)

JYRKI 69 - American Vampire (2021) full

JYRKI 69, frontman of The 69 Eyes is ready for his international brand new studio album “American Vampire“. His widely praised effort, 2017’s ‘Helsinki Vampire’ was Jyrki’s solo debut album, but now the singer has recorded in America teaming up with several renegade collaborators including Tim Skold (Shotgun Messiah founder), Billy Idol guitarist Steve Stevens, ’80s pop music queen Tiffany and many more
Mixing both original tracks with cover tunes and – the CD opens with a version of Shotgun Messiah’s classic ‘Sexdrugsrockn’roll’ featuring members of the band – Jyrki’s dark and brooding croon mixed with atmospheric keyboards and heavy guitars make this one a quite special release.
Indeed, there’s not much goth rock nowadays, and even less mixed with a metallic approach, and this time even adds a poppy touch to some songs with a retro radio-ready feel however very modern in production.
Different and good. Highly Recommended


01 – Sexdrugsrockn’roll (feat. Shotgun Messiah)
02 – White Rabbit (feat. Steve Stevens)
03 – Dreamtime (feat. Rosetta Stone)
04 – Bite It You Scum (feat. Leæther Strip)
05 – American Vampire (feat. Skold)
06 – Don’t You Want Me (feat. Tiffany & DK-Zero)
07 – Decision (feat. The KVB)
08 – Deviant Carousal (feat. Xiu Xiu)
09 – Clover (feat. Youlooktired)
10 – Last Dance (feat. Not My God)

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